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To: to hell with an apology. We do not need to apologize, what we need is responsible Food Supervision to assure a safe food environment.

Regular meat processing, also sell “beef injection.” The evening of April 2, Guangdong TV Foshan sophisticated meat processing units revealed a large number of water injection to beef cattle upon news of the lens in water Lin Lin’s blood beef, fresh beef to the people of the highest point of the panic push. District food regulators to apologize to the consumers. Su meat processing is mainly responsible for health check star was ordered suspended. (“Information Times” April 5)

“If the apology would be useful, but also police and law to do” This is all fake and shoddy products in recent years, and food for the injured out of a sense after the error. This is a virtually everything possible, “injection” and what may be adulterated place, an apology does not work, or even no effect.

Recent years, the courage to disclose “Guo Zihao” Food enterprises Case, in addition to Sanlu This big event, to see the very small, so people will go out for Diet Have fears that worries the recent “waste oil” News is once again aroused panic fuse.

We wonder why no media dare to disclose the dark, while more concern is that I do not know because of collusion or because of weak regulatory authorities (probably both), almost all industries have their own hidden rules , most of it and most of them related to the livelihood of a healthy diet industry, which is a light in all walks of life can only see the internal rules. But they can not gets, always recrudescence.

Before the events in Sanlu, we have a general common knowledge that: people can rest assured that the catering industry there are only two, one is ” Honored “And the other is” Guo Zihao. “Obviously, this idea long ago, a long time ago to be correct; just that, along with economic development and social issues inspire, food industry evolved, becoming only with economic benefits linked to the catering industry into a profitable industry in general consensus, otherwise, why all of the catering industry more open more stores, more and more fancy food types, or even start a network Sell And open up overseas markets and so businesses, these are huge profits to be guided by the behavior. It seems as long as a profit, what strategies are possible, including counterfeit, adulterated water injection and so the economic gains built on the threat to public health based on criminal acts.

News on the phrase “beef injection,” it wants to typical typical, not just “Guozi Hao”, but also the illegal operation of food business, many people are in such poor conditions through diet, and presumably There were certainly other more low-quality food. But the public after the injury, but only in exchange for regulatory authorities and the words “apology”, which is rather ironic joke. Later, angry and not just consumers, but also high above the law.

So to say, “no business is not evil” theory is established, but not entirely to blame business, regulatory weakness is the most should be denounced; Sanlu incident disclosed the behind the scenes, in fact, inadequate supervision, even the collusion of evidence. Although this “beef injection” factory inline inspection head was suspended, in fact, should fresh reorganization within the department supervisor. In strengthening the on-site inspections and criminal penalties for the commercial sector, while the implementation of strict, even to check its own deficiencies and shortcomings.

To apologize to hell. We do not need to apologize, what we need is responsible for food safety regulation in order to have safe food environment. SABUNG AYAM