Nxtnav’s Eagle-i India’s Best Tablet Pc

We all know that the New year has put a heavy load on our wallets but that doesnt mean we should stop making purchases and dreaming of what gadget we could get next. The globalization has made world small and technology is making it smaller. We used have those bulk TV’s and Computers but now we have LCD’s and Tablet PC’s.

Tablets are the biggest wave that is going to hit the gadgets market in 2011, despite the unfavorable economic climate, but that doesnt mean everyone can afford one. First Tablet was introduced by Apple but now with the huge increase in demand all leading electronic manufactures like Dell, Samsung etc have launched their Tablet Pc’s in India. India is one of the biggest market for tablet PCs with a rapid growth in the year 2010.

With this trend of Tablet Pc’s a Noida Based start up company NxtNav INC has came up with their range of tablet PC’s. NxtNav has three different models of tablet Pc’s to offer to their customers. Eagle-I, Eagle-I Pro and Eagle-I Plus all with different features and specifications as per the news company is yet to launch 2 more models in June 2011.

When asked why company has launched different models rather than giving all the features in one device, Mr. Krishna B. Chief Executive officer, NxtNav INC said that “We understand the needs of our customers so we are customizing the devices as per their needs, we don’t want to force our customers to pay for the feature they are not going to use. Few of our customers need a camera in the device while other segment is not willing to use the camera function of the device so if we have only one device they are forced to pay for the feature they never going to use”.

Well, this is a smart decision, one can choose a device which meets their requirements and needs. so you dont end up paying for the features you are not going to use.

Eagle-I is the base model of NxtNav INC, Eagle-I features an elegant design that sagely packs a 7-inch touchscreen display and 800×480 resolution, Android 2.2 Froyo with a front-facing 1.3 MP camera that encourages video calling. 256MB RAM and 2GB of inbuilt memory. Under the sleek form factor, a 0.6 GHZ processor takes solace and comfortably powers the Android 2.2 Froyo. Eagle-I comes with Wifi, and supports external 3G data cards to give you access to your favorite websites at lightening speed. It comes with built-in GPS and support Google maps so you never get lost, a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB ports and much more.

The Eagle-I is attractive, versatile and competitively priced, Its different enough from the Samsung Galaxy, yet good enough, to give consumers a real choice.

We will be posting the details of Eagle-I Pro and Eagle-I plus very soon and will also try to peep if we can get the information about the other 2 devices NxtNav is going to launch later this year. SABUNG AYAM