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: Cold winter comes, families with elderly or children, then special attention must warm. In winter, the temperature in order to enable the family to keep warm and comfortable, we tend to open
Air conditioning
, Then, rest a fall at the air conditioner also sent on the use.

Possible for many of my friends, because usually busy at work, only in the holidays, a time for parents to buy the electric utility, express their filial piety, then in the cold winter, buy an air conditioner, so that parents can enjoy the warmth in the winter would be a good choice.

Air conditioning this year prices fell more powerful overall,
Of an air conditioning have sold a thousand of the price, buying at this time is no doubt that is sold to the utility has to buy the benefits. Today, we give recommendations
A very high cost air-conditioned air-conditioning products, like filial piety in the winter, purchase an air conditioner’s friends may wish to look at.

Products: Oaks Air Conditioning KFR-25GW/SA1-1, since last March, the rise of mountain air conditioning industry, wave after wave of price war, price is no doubt you are most concerned about buying factors, Oak model prices which hit Sri Lanka’s 1748! Energy efficiency as an energy-efficient air-conditioning, the costs would be the industry’s base price of the price! So worried about price, I am sure to buy a bad product, then we come to understand in detail under the relevant performance parameters of this model it:

Oaks Air Conditioning KFR-25GW/SA1-1 (
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First, the appearance of areas: from the South Korean master of design, color Hao light white, crescent-shaped design found on the surface, the whole appearance looks very simple and the atmosphere, customers and friends may also worry about a problem is to use long after the air conditioning will be issued Huang deformation, choose a friend you can rest assured this air, this air-conditioned our
Materials used are made of new materials, environmental protection, use a few years still will not change color distortion. Friends may be considered carefully to sleep at night, when parents feel that air conditioning will be dazzling display has been open, of sleep, you will want to buy a filial can regulate the display features air conditioning, we can meet this air-conditioned you this request, simply touch remote control panel “screen display” button you can adjust the screen brightness, for your parents to provide a comfortable sleeping environment, the environment.

Secondly, in the function you sure your parents want to provide a healthy and comfortable air conditioning products, Oaks of this product has an automatic washing function, can automatically clean the evaporator, to avoid the smell mildew pathogen produced for send your family a more healthy and comfortable air, with multi-quiet design, the indoor unit to achieve good static static U.S., the minimum indoor noise by 23 decibels, children and senior citizens no longer need to worry about too much noise at night could not sleep.

Busy working during the day you definitely want to buy air conditioning for sale
Be considerate, select Oaks can not worry about your sale, we machine six years of free repair, there are more than 10,000 nationwide service network, more than 30,000
Workers on call 24 hours a day, just a phone call, 8 hours regardless of where you can solve your worries.

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