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Tombstone, Lawman Wyatt Earp is prepared to retire. He has successfully cleaned up the streets of Dodge City, and moves to Tombstone. There he meets up with his brothers, and longtime buddy Doc Holiday. Meanwhile a band of outlaws, called The Cowboys, are operating wild in the area. This sets up the notorious shoot out at the OK Corral.

Every single person’s all-time prime film, Jerry Maguire, Jerry is an agent for a leading Sports Management group. When he is terminated, he expects his client to come along with him as he sets out on his own. All of a sudden Jerry realizes that he has no genuine pals in this ruthless, dog eat dog, company. Down to one client and one assistant, Jerry fights to create himself a business.

The Indian in the Cupboard, A youngster (Scardino) receives an ancient chest as a birthday present, and discovers that when he sets a toy Indian inside and turns the key, the Indian comes to life. Then he sees that the Indian is not a toy, nonetheless a actual individual. Complications comply with, especially while his ideal playmate summons to life a toy cowboy. Cast involves Hal Scardino, Lindsay Crouse, Richard Jenkins, Rishi Bhat, and Nestor Serrano.

The Basic Died at Dawn, Fine drama of Oriental intrigue, with mercenary Cooper falling in really like with foreign agent Carroll when combating ominous warlord Tamiroff. Cast Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Akim Tamiroff, Dudley Digges, Porter Chamber, and William Frawley.

Across llOth Street is a timeless film from the year 1972. Barry Shear handled the directing for this film. 3 black guys, disguised as cops have robbed the mob bank out of over $ 250,000. Now the cops and the mob are in a contest to catch the thieves, and salvage the cash. The actors contain Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Ward, and Paul Benjannin.
Sabung Ayam
The Mob – ‘Dhinawan Touch the Stars’

‘Dhinawan’ is the Kamileroi word for ’emu’, and the song title refers to an ancient Kamileroi constellation etched into the adverse space of the milky way. A powerful and sacred Indigenous songline, the Dhinawan story shifts and adjustments as it travels from nation to nation, and is the foundation of this specific production.

Written, recorded and filmed more than 5 days in June 2016 in the remote community of Walgett in Northwest NSW, ‘Dhinawan Touch the Stars’ is an outcome of a Desert Pea Media neighborhood project with a group of young Indigenous men and women enrolled at Walgett Neighborhood College.

The project came about through a partnership between Desert Pea Media, Outback Arts and the James N Kirby Foundation.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-primarily based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze ‘the real’, ‘the ideal’ and ‘the bridge’. In easy terms this signifies critically pondering about how to create good change for folks, for every other and for our communities.

This data was then disseminated into a narrative structure by local young men and women and Desert Pea Media staff – Toby Finlayson, Michael Graham (aka MC Boomalli)and acclaimed Indigenous hip hop artist, Director, Producer, Label Owner and everything in-between – Fred Leone aka Rival MC. The lyrics have been co-written and recorded, we then shot a music video over two days all more than Walgett and surrounding locations.

This project featured the expert musical direction and production of acclaimed musician and and songwriter Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize) who has because worked with us on a number of projects.

The song is a celebration of culture, songline, connection to nation and pride in Australia’s Indigenous heritage and is also one of our proudest achievements of 2016.

Unique thanks to DPM mentor and neighborhood elder – Ros McGregor for her unwavering assistance and friendship over nearly ten years, and to the Walgett neighborhood.


My songline criss cross from coast to coast
Stories of my culture that we holding close
This the black soil plains where the songline commence
The story of my folks, Dhinawan up in the stars

This a – contact out from the north to west
And if you know the emu dreaming yarn y’all connected
To the – black dirt that is beneath ya feet
Coming fresh outta Walgett exactly where the two rivers meet

Couple cods and a yellowbelly – couple Johnny cakes
Have a yarn to Aunty. Bit of conversation
This how we do it in kamileroi nation
Throw ya dubs up, reppin all of my relations

You can feel it round the campfire light
You can hear the clapsticks when you close your eyes
Get ya buddies and ya loved ones and hold them tight
Stay powerful we gonna be alright

My nation exactly where the songlines are
Exactly where dhinawan touch the stars
Sunset see the red light glow
My heart beats to get back residence

My country exactly where the songlines are
Where dhinawan touch the stars
Sunset see the red light glow
My heart beats to get back home

We dealing with the kinda stuff that’ll get ya down
That stuff what ya do when ya bored livin in a modest town
That sadness is all around us
yep trauma & discomfort gets passed down cuz

Copy what ya mum & dad does and what ya brothers do
Yep it’s my household and my friends that I look up to –
shapes my values – makes me who I am
black superwoman or black superman

Black fella spray paint on the back of your appropriate hand
Employed to hold a spear now ya holdin a mic stand
Used to comply with lore now ya adhere to the white man
Utilised to study stars now we follow the nav man, a black man

Gotta read the indicators ahead – pick the correct path
Got young fullas lookin up to you bred.
Watching your each step, every single path you tread
Each choice you make you better make it your very best

My country where the songlines are
Where dhinawan touch the stars
Sunset see the red light glow
My heart beats to get back property

My nation exactly where the songlines are
Exactly where dhinawan touch the stars
Sunset see the red light glow
My heart beats to get back house

This is our time, it’s time to make a choice
This a song for my folks, stand up and raise your voice
This a message and it is particular for the little girls and boys
Speak the truth, be fair dinkum and make some noise

Pull yourself out of the drain, get up out of the gutter
Continue the story of your great great barji and ya darthar
Show the enjoy and respect 1 one more
Don’t let it go in 1 ear and out the other.
Love ya my dhagaan.
Really like ya my brother.


Young men and women in Walgett, NSW – Co-Directors/ Co-Writers
Toby Finlayson – Producer/ Director/ Writer/ DOP/ Editor
Fred Leone – Co-Writer/ Mentor/ Facilitator
Michael Graham – Co-Writer/ Mentor/ Facilitator
Carlo Santone – Music Producer/ Music Director
Roy Weiland – Colour Grading/Motion Graphics
Ptero_Stylus @ Hope Street Studios/ Audio Engineering

Sabung Ayam