Of E-commerce “tangible” And “invisible” – E-commerce, Digital Goods – Food

Into contact with some friends, especially those who want to go to traditional industries from other friends in the Internet industry, their understanding of e-commerce to my feeling is that the traditional industry networking and information technology. Today I want to say anything for the classification of e-commerce e-commerce.

Fact, the concept of e-commerce generalized use of electronic tools to conduct business activities, while the narrow conception is Tezhi use the Internet to conduct business. Therefore, the e-commerce into the traditional understanding of business networking and information technology is only part of understanding the e-commerce. There are many ways e-commerce categories, in accordance with the scope, transaction objects are involved in such division of the main ways to talk about this I think the main object according to e-commerce transaction classification.

Classified according to the trading objects, there are three: physical goods e-commerce, digital goods e-commerce, e-commerce services products. According to my view of access to some of my friends, many physical products as e-commerce is commerce. And how the transaction object points, digital goods e-commerce and e-commerce services, goods belonging to the same part of e-commerce.

Digital goods e-commerce, mainly sub-entity of pure digital products. Such as digital music, movies and other audiovisual products. There are also cultural products, such as text and so can be traded only by numbers and the spread of … … In short, the number of products often can be transmitted directly through the Internet, can be regarded as complete e-commerce. Of course, the digital e-commerce is relatively more difficult to control than the physical product. So, do more physical e-business friends, but also caused some friends to e-commerce understanding into tangible products.

Services products e-commerce, mainly some large enterprises are doing. Most of the major services of the Internet market, products and features are free, more users accustomed to free. At the same time, many of the features and products, and strong copy, as this poor intellectual property protection, so generally are free goods for small services. However, some large enterprises and service replication on the high difficulty of the formation of a special e-business models. Such as Alibaba, Tencent members, Ereli industry research reports and solutions.

, Of course, easier to operate at this stage, profit model is easier to control the physical e-commerce, the same, this physical model is also easier to copy the e-commerce, due to logistics, not from the traditional constraints of material costs, the company earnings to a certain stage of growth would be cost constraints, to achieve maximum profit. The digital products and services, although the mode of operation more difficult, but when the formation of this business model, because of the marginal cost is almost 0, so the time to reach a certain size, revenue growth will be bearing index. Compare, I am sure you will find that the physical product e-commerce is relatively low risk, low investment and quick returns, the more successful cases, the relative success of short-term investments, but gains little room for development, for expansion and long-term development, it is not the best choice. SABUNG AYAM