[oil] China’s First 400 Ft Jack-up Drilling Platform Built In Dalian – The Oil Industry

HC Network Petrochemical News: Yesterday morning, in Dalian Shipping Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. from China Oilfield Service Corporation, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry International Trading Co., Ltd., Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. China’s first 400 feet at the jack-up drilling platform (offshore oil 941) handover ceremony was held. The largest, highest degree of automation, operating depth of the deepest, with the contemporary international advanced level of 400 feet drilling platform (JU2000) Handing Over The completion marks included in the national “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” the development of large offshore oil equipment, a major breakthrough, the protection of our large-scale offshore petroleum resource development, the implementation of energy Security Strategic significance.

Deep-sea oil operations offshore oil industry is an important front, a long time, by the China National Offshore Oil Exploration and Development of limited technical equipment, marine oil development only in coastal waters. At present, an operating water depth of the deepest offshore oil drilling platform is only 80 meters. With the development and utilization of China’s offshore oil and gas resources from the coastal waters to the deep water, offshore oil equipment in large demand gradually increased. March 2004, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry and CNOOC signed a two contract drilling platform 400 feet, while the same type of drilling platform had in the world only two. Handing Over of the offshore oil COSL941 built jack-up rigs to achieve a fully automatic control, the length of 75 feet cantilever drilling platform. Taiwan has around before and after drilling Mobile , An orientation up to drill 30 wells, rated water depth of 400 feet, in 122 m water depth drilling. Adverse sea conditions to meet the operating, drilling platform 400 feet of material, welding technology and precision, have very high requirements. In this regard, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Train More than 100 qualified welders with 6GR, and have overcome a leg, the control system, high Low Mud system and other key technical process. 167 m leg through the completion of docking ship lift, which in the domestic maritime Project Construction is the first time, the lift Gear Box More than 1,700 parts by the assembly, the construction is very high precision. Dalian Shipbuilding Industry set up a research group, construction workers strict quality control during construction, well operations, the final break up of technical and construction challenges and worked to ensure that the drilling platform 400 feet of construction quality and progress.

Recent years, the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. in strengthening and expanding its main business while shipbuilding, marine engineering and vigorously develop the market for domestic and foreign owners have built a marine engineering module, F PS O, integrated test vessel, duct work underwater vessel, BG9000 semi-submersible drilling platforms, drilling platforms, air-cushion combination, domestic and foreign owners of recognition and trust. It is understood that this year alone, the output value of marine engineering can be a chunk of the company’s 30%. Currently, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry has the same type of rig contracts 4. In which the United States (NOBLE) two drilling platform built by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. signed a general contractor, and this is the first time in domestic shipyards. SABUNG AYAM