One particular side Mars and One side poorness

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I read in the newspaper right now reported that one hundred folks to go to Mars have been named as finalists included a Pakistani.
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I am surprised to read the news that ultimately how we are living in society. Our heart is not shocked to read such news? It is shameful for our modern age that a individual is trying to bury the energy of life on Mars and there is thought to make human settlements, his own kids are dying of hunger.

And if we talk about religion, but they forget the teachings of our Prophet and Caliphs gave us. We also tend to forget to say that if your neighbors have nothing to consume half your meal then give it. Our leaders have forgotten the words of the old river if a dog dies hungry on the Day of Judgment, it will also have to answer. If the case of an animal or a dog, but hundreds of folks living in peace and mankind is the problem of children’s lives.But to survive they would eat two meals, and the concern right here is not just a matter of Thar street so the street is being spread to the streets.

It is quite surprising and believed-provoking that the innocent children are dying for their parents and providing them milk for feeding kylyykurak not. Exactly where is the government? If the provincial government, the federal government is not performing something? If governments are not some NGOs are taking millions of dollars? If they do not do anything to criticize them, taking on the name of religion or religious parties are preaching? Exactly where the assets of the donors themselves do not know, but dare he die of hunger and poverty, the kids would spend a couple of thousand or a handful of million.

Exactly where are the authorities who make billions if the defense budget, but they do absolutely nothing to save a few lives, the President, Prime Minister, Minister or the Governor Home spending one particular day a handful of Could not save children’s lives ? Where are the children’s rights to children’s rights organizations to launch main projects that claim, but could not manage a few hundred children’s food.

Finally, my query umujud 6 billion human beings living in the present that we all together can not handle a couple of hundred children’s meals? I consider we all are killers of the innocent lives that we could not save them a substantial management and this is nevertheless going on.

The authorities hope that humanity almbradarun kdara understand their duty and that such programs wrongfully ended stream of casualties. If the government basically does not function any movement for social organizations or funds that these two victims to obtain enough meals to eat and young children as possible. Kdara we are human and alive to give us proof of this huga-
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