Online Coaching for IIT: Live & recorded lessons right on your desktop!

I know some of you get wary by the very mention of the word ‘Coaching’ but, in my opinion, just like other institutions of life like marriage, travel, frugality ‘Coaching’ is also a necessary evil that you will have to endure to emerge as a winner in the fiercely competitive engineering entrance exams. These days whenever I hear about online coaching for IIT being offered by web portals, I am reminded of Bill McCartney the ace American Football Star who once said:

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.

The above quote quite rightly sums up the phenomenal transformation that online coaching offered by web portals, has on the performance of students who are gearing up for IIT-JEE. The steep rise in self-confidence, which students experience after undergoing such training programs, is best reflected in the testimonials section of these web portals. By infusing concept clarity, these portals instill a “CAN-DO” attitude amongst students and they are able to keep their spirits high throughout the preparation process. Not only are they able to concentrate on their studies but also balance other aspects of their personal life as well.

Nowadays a lot of institutes are offering DVD based video tutorials that have come as a shot in the arm for self-study enthusiasts, as they help them to finish the syllabus on time and attempt all sections of the question paper. In these days of information explosion, young students, parents and teachers are bombarded with high-decibel advertising from branded coaching institutes which give people an illusion that joining any of them would grant you a visa into your dream college. They may be right, and you should surely avail that option, if you have the financial resources and the mental stamina to endure the rigors of school exams and the exacting demands of a coaching institute.

For others, who can’t muster such resources Online Coaching for IIT-JEE is a smarter and more economical way to go about with your IIT-JEE preparations. Video solutions for preparation of IIT –JEE will not only complement your existing initiatives, but also instill a sense of confidence, that will be indispensable for cracking the prestigious IIT-JEE/AIEEE exams. Not only do training DVDs speed up the learning process, but they also make life a lot easier by taking away the tension from the minds of students regarding missed lectures as the classroom is now on their TV screen. Students can easily rewind and playback any lecture of your choice and eventually fast forward their IIT-JEE preparations.

As these video tutorials get more popular amongst the student community, competition is surely going to get intense for the limited seats on offer through IIT/AIEEE exams. Only those students will make the grade who have a firm understanding of all the basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Onlne Coaching for IIT-JEE enables students to swiftly apply the learned concepts to real-life situations. Good quality coaching will definitely help you put up an impressive show in these exams.

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