Optical Industry: The Output Value Will Exceed 110 Billion Yuan Of Products To Be Major

China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association Qing-day in the “China Electronics News”, said during an interview in 2006, the National Optical output to more than 110 billion yuan. In recent years, China’s optoelectronics industry speed the development of fast annual growth rate of 20%. At present, China’s optoelectronics industry accounted for about 5% of the global market is estimated that by 2010 China will have 450 million output value, accounting for about 10% world market share. How to make healthy and rapid development of China’s optoelectronics industry, Qing-that we should focus on breaking through the implementation of comprehensive development strategy.

Increasingly active in the global optoelectronics applications
Photoelectron technology is cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s optoelectronics industry size, market potential, photonics technology and industry has been widely used in various fields, its rapid development. Photoelectric display devices based products represented LED, for example, the compound semiconductor light-emitting materials technology performance gradually improved, so that the increasing technical performance LED products, its applications are the low-cost, thin, high resolution, fast response, angle width, high brightness and develop large size, making LED charming, brilliant, greatly promoted the development of China’s LED lighting industry; the basis for the information appliance products such as PDP, TFT-LCD, OLED, PLED, etc., on the view features, the big screen in the display will become the mainstream.

Qing-view, the world’s optoelectronics industry, optical storage, optical display, and optoelectronic applications become increasingly active, the semiconductor light-emitting diode backlight in full color display and lighting mobile phone products, a large number of applications.

Experts predict PV in the first half of the 21st century has become an important energy sources. World PV industry annual growth rate of more than 30% to maintain high growth. Now, the white LED luminous efficiency not enough to replace the traditional fluorescent lighting, experts predict that by 2015, the semiconductor lighting by leaps and bounds coming.

Addition to Samsung flat-panel displays, led suppliers are actively expanding production capacity, build new production lines to satisfy market needs. LCD monitor turned to the TV screen sizes continue to expand, reduce costs and increase brightness.

Currently, total global optoelectronics market is close to 200 billion U.S. dollars.
Optical communication industry reached a peak in the second half of 2000, the overall industry trend in the doldrums until the end of 2004 with the recovery trend, but to restore the previous level in 2001 will take some time. Optical communication industry is the fundamental driving force the emergence of new businesses, such as IPTV and other broadband services with accelerated development of optical communication industry, the overall warming will come.

FTTH FTTH broadband access as an ideal model, the world trend of rapid development in recent years. Japan, South Korea, North America and Europe, the number of users are growing rapidly, the fundamental reason is that the government attached great importance to the State of information from the strategic point of view the development of FTTH, and through a series of national projects and government subsidies, tax breaks and other supporting policies to ensure that the technology and to encourage the construction of FTTH operators enthusiasm.

U.S. government has conducted research in the field of nano-optical processing technology transfer to the electronics. The U.S. government is now targeting the use of special photonics technology to identify and screen manufactured by humans or weapons of terror, and started in college sensors and imaging studies.

Recent years, a considerable part of the U.S. optoelectronics industry, optoelectronic products and components manufacturing base to Asia and to facilitate to ensure more profitable growth. Japan photoelectron down conditions have brakes, industry started to recover.

The rapid development of China’s optoelectronics industry

The last decade, the domestic optoelectronics industry is also developing rapidly. SABUNG AYAM