Oracle Trader opens the door to Forex Profit

Did you reserve your seat for Thursday’s last chance educational Oracle Trader webinar? (2:00 PM EDT or 8:00 PM EDT).  If not, here’s the link for this DO NOT MISS EVENT!

Oracle Trader system is base on financial market news releases. It works on an idea that the market movement can be predicted based on how the release of important financial data meets its expectations. And because the releases take place at known times, it is possible to predict when the movement occurs.

One of the best things about the Oracle Trader software is the fact that you can virtually automate the whole process of news trading. Once Dustin Pass has entered the data for an upcoming news release into the system, you can use the amazing “auto click” feature to automatically place an order in your trading platform when the news is released. Depending on the actual figures that is released, the software will either place a long or a short trade, or it will stay out of the market. This feature works well and the best part is that it works with any broker platform. Then if you use Metatrader you can also use the EA they provide to manage the trade from there.

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The other component of the Oracle Trader that is really good mentioning is the live trading room. Dustin Pass joins the trading room 15 minutes before each news release and you can watch over his shoulder as he prepares for and executes the trade using the exact same software you have on your own computer. This is a great way to get up to date information about the trade, meet other members of the program and ask any questions you may have about the trade.

While you can follow the same strategy using the financial calendars and news casts, the market reacts very quickly and it is difficult to trade with this strategy manually. This is the main benefit of the Oracle Trader – it automates this strategy and makes it easy to trade.

Because of duplicate orders and some credit card issues with some orders, a couple of slots have opened up, so Dustin Pass and his team have scheduled two FINAL webinars on Thursday, in which he is going to deliver a solid hour of education on a very profitable news trading strategy.

Then he will hold an open-ended Q&A session which is always eye-opening and extremely informative!

If you skip this webinar, you will be locked out until Winter at the earliest, and there are some really major news releases fast approaching, which will be a golden opportunity for you to jump start your FOREX gains for 2011.

Also, there is a price increase on the way, so NOW is the time, do NOT delay!

Imagine starting 2011 with a trading strategy that returns you profits consistently, predictably, and easily…  Your 2011 will financially blow the doors off 2010!

But you have to attend to make it a reality!

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You might have heard that News trading is risky…  and IT IS! – but only if you don’t have a KEY PIECE OF SOFTWARE. With the software, trading during major news releases becomes the safest trading in FOREX!  Without it, most traders get creamed!

How safe is safe?  Well, try at least a 100:1 win/loss ratio!  If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will!  100:1 or better!

The industry is buzzing with accolades for Oracle Trader, which is the software Dustin created himself, and has used every week for almost five years, and he has NEVER had a losing trading month.

That’s why you want to be on the webinar.  He will show you the ‘ins-n-outs’ of PROFITABLE news trading.

Don’t miss this one.  If you are already registered, consider this your reminder to be on the call at all costs.  He’s revealing a PROVEN ‘tried and true’ money-maker.

If you aren’t registered, this is your final notice, so take advantage!

=> Oracle Trader Webinar Registration

Right after the last webinars (literally the NEXT DAY) Oracle Trader software users reported gains of 30-100 pips, and it may happen again, so make sure you’re there!

Don’t forget about the brand new iPad’s he’s handing out on the webinar!