Organized Crime and the Mafia

Organized crime is defined as the criminal activity performed by an in depth group of proficient criminals that rely on illegal activities to earn massive amounts of monetary profit. The financial profit gained through such illegal activities is referred to as black cash. The actions of such organizations are synchronized and controlled by a centralized syndicate.

The term Mafia is utilised for describing numerous organizations that are responsible for coordinating or performing various varieties of organized criminal activities . In the United States , the Mafia is also known as the “Mob”. The Sicilian Mafia, which was the very first mafia to come into existence, is also known as “La Cosa Nostra”. An person working for the Mafia is referred to as a “Mafioso”.

The ” Mafia” also exist in other components of the planet and are recognized as Russian Mafia, Albanian Mafia, Serbian Mafia and so on primarily based on their location. Many organizations comparable to the mafia exist but are recognized by distinct names. Some of them are listed below:

* Irish Mob

* Chinese Triads

* Japanese Yakuza

* Neapolitan Camorra

* Unione Corse

The Mafia is a collection of many criminal organizations and is controlled just like a organization and has a hierarchical structure.

Let us take a small peak into this hierarchy:

* At the bottom of this hierarchy are the “soldiers” or “thugs”. They take care of the significantly less important function like extortion of cash.

* Above the soldiers are “enforcers”. They mostly play the component of becoming bodyguards who shield the establishments and they also employ other criminals to carry out some of the odd jobs. These enforcers also possess their own monetary establishments.

* The “commissioners” come on leading of the enforcers. These commissioners deal with or control an complete city or a much more widespread area.

* Next in the mafia is “The boss”. The bosses handle an person organization out of the numerous organizations in a mafia.

* At the best of the entire pyramid structure is “The Godfather”. The word of the Godfather is the final word and is followed by the entire chain beneath.

The a number of organizations that exist in a “mafia” specialize in specific types of crime. Mafia is responsible for crimes like narcotics trafficking or smuggling, gambling, extortion, prostitution and also in hideous crimes like murders or assassinations as nicely as kidnappings. The organizations in the mafia that specialized in assassinations and killed any individual when ordered to became infamously recognized as “Murders Inc” amongst the media.

The mafia has not seized becoming in existence considering that extended and with the passage of time they have just kept on expanding in numbers and committing organized crimes.
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