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: Recently, with the temperature of the way down,
Air conditioning
Functions and effects of heat consumers are concerned about the hot spots. It is understood that
Inverter air conditioner
NS two-drive system equipped with a heating technology to solve the traditional air-conditioning at low temperature, heating system, intermittent problems, so this winter is always warm ocean interior. New Year’s footsteps approaching, many consumers are planning holiday discount stores by the machine, choose a bed of roses in the air, a warm winter home.

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Inverter air conditioning system for warm cited concern

Winter, idle for six months the system was again heating appliances came in handy. It is reported that the majority of the market system of large power heating appliances, heating and slow and uneven, it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers of heat in winter. Ordinary air-conditioning, that is, fixed speed air conditioning, although
And the heating effect of the system relative to other heating appliances have some improvements, yet hot and cold when the heating system, heating effects are greatly reduced. According to air-conditioning manufacturers, this is because the traditional air-conditioning at low temperature, heating and defrosting not result in parallel.

Nowadays, energy saving
Environmental protection
Become a low-carbon life style, popular from the beginning of this year frequency air conditioning, heating performance in a great improvement to meet consumer
Heating needs, while also raising consumer integrated indoor environment quality, wide range of concerns by consumers.

Saving 50%, Panasonic inverter air conditioner original so popular

Present air-conditioning market, due to the pursuit of national energy policy and manufacturers such factors, “Variable wind” blowing fiercely, covering almost every air conditioner brands, which consumers inverter air conditioner to buy out an large not a small problem.

Learned, inverter air conditioner from Japan, and Japan has long been popular. The Panasonic original frequency inverter air conditioner with the core technology and quality leader for many years Japan has been one of the first inverter air conditioner market sales. In China, the Panasonic original inverter air conditioner is the pursuit of quality of life by consumers.
Vice President of China Household Electrical Appliances Research
Wu Shangjie, at present the core components of inverter air conditioner and control technology, most of the domestic air-conditioning manufacturers from foreign imports, such as variable speed compressor and control module from the Japanese import, the control chip imported from the United States . Air-conditioning technician, according to Matsushita, Panasonic inverter air conditioning compressor parts for the core products and controllers are developed and manufactured their own, and therefore in a unique frequency integrated technical advantages. The Panasonic Platinum Series air conditioner is the respect for the original frequency using the technology to the state under the air conditioning running, precise control and energy savings up to 50%, easily meet the national frequency energy efficiency rating.

Technology to create high-quality life

Learned, Panasonic Air Conditioning has 50 years of history, air conditioning, 25-year conversion R & D and manufacturing experience, with the continual upgrading of the increasingly sophisticated products and cutting-edge technology has always lead the development of frequency conversion air-conditioning technology, but also for the city’s high hands-on quality of life.
Panasonic Platinum Series
respect in the original inverter technology air conditioner based on the first dual-drive system NS warming technology, to achieve the perfect warm winter air conditioning system, the synchronization of cream, solution to a common air-conditioning system is prone to warm or cold, when suddenly hot problem, endless warmth to home, comfortable as one. Meanwhile, NS warm double-drive system when in operation, not simply rely on auxiliary heating power, so the more traditional air conditioning system, heat less power, and more secure.

Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, believes that the popularity of products with the inverter air conditioner with a core frequency conversion technology and the ability to meet consumer demand for multi-inverter manufacturers have obvious competitive advantage, the pursuit of quality of life for consumers in terms of , highlight the comprehensive advantages of air-conditioning products will no doubt be their first choice. SABUNG AYAM