OSRS Sailing: Training Solo Can Reach the Maximum Exp & PVP Offered as Option

Days before, a teaser of sailing in Old School Runescape was shown on the official website to introduce the whole concept of contents in sailing. After reading it, many players voice their concerns on group training and pvp aspect that included in the plan. To assuage players’ concerns, Mod Ronan confirmed that training sailing solo will allow players to achieve the maximum exp rates, while pvp aspect will be provided as an option rather than required content.

Training sailing solo allows reaching the maximum exp

As the plan of sailing was revealed, some players indicated that making group training faster than solo training will ruin the content to be lame for those players who like to train without others. Out of this reason, Mod Ronan confirmed on his twitter that training sailing solo will allow players to achieve the maximum exp rates without requirement of groups. Thus, players can just train skill or get 07 rs powerleveling to level up and single-handedly fight against dangers to achieve the highest xp rate.

While solo players get convenience from that way, group-oriented players complain that group aspect shouldn’t be ignored as the core of a mmorpg, and require some bonus for grouping. Actually, a part of players enjoy dungeoneering with friends and don’t have a hard time finding people to do it with on the right world, which make them confused why people are in favor of this game being almost an offline solo game now with the GE being just another store and every skill being a safe solo grind. However, things can’t usually be perfect to cater for all people’s tastes, and that is the case.

PvP will be optional for fun and some additional rewards

1. Not forced to join in: Since pvp makes it difficult to get a safe training environment, pure skillers concerned if Jagex can eliminate that aspect. For clarity, Mod Ronan confirmed that there is not a forced pvp, but an option that only in clearly defined areas.

2. Not necessary for top XP: As pvp will be an option, it would be a problem if pvp could provide xp gaining. Thus, the way that other players train skill will be affected because pvpers can attack others for their booty while pvmers cannot. Now it was confirmed that pvp will not be required for the best XP. Instead, it is purely for fun with some additional rewards.

3. Tradeable rewards: Jagex is not planning to force people into the wilderness, so the rewards that can be gained are not likely to be untradeable that only obtainable through PvP in sailing. Thus, PVMers who want to get rid of pvp will still have a chance of buying those rewards from others.

Another developer blog is supposed to be opened soon. And at that time, more specific information will be revealed. Before its coming, don’t forget to buy 07 rs gold cheap on RS3gold to help you complete quests and unlock all music tracks as soon as possible to gain your own music cape!
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