Outdoor Activities Without Authorization A Maximum Fine Of 20 000 Organizations – Outdoor Activities

9 23, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, held in Changji outdoor meeting came news of the legislative investigation, “Xinjiang Outdoor Sports Management Ordinance (Draft)” issued this year is expected, and very busy in recent years, popular outdoor sports the standardization of the guidance and management, will likely become the first dedicated outdoor sports regulations.

According to reports, the drafting of bills, began as early as late last year, has now been revised several times, Xinjiang has been included in this year’s legislative program. Since 2006, four major outdoor sports from unexpected events occurring in the territory of Changji have two, and this is why the drafters of the Bill specifically to conduct research of Changji reasons.

First proposed accountability Made the first time the organizers of outdoor sports accountability?? Conduct outdoor sports organizations should be responsible for each member of the security, engaging in outdoor sports will be punishable by a fine of from 5,000 to 20,000 yuan, but also criminal prosecution constitutes a crime responsibility, the organizers have to confiscate the illegal gains and hold civil and criminal liability.

Sports Bureau committee member Li Xilin, said: “Now, many outdoor clubs and team leader posts to the Internet through the recruitment team, once a problem, can not find the main responsibility. Also some outdoor clubs will require participants to sign an “Exemption Agreement”, I myself have been to avoid the risk of the lives of the participants are not given any protection. “

Style of Changji Secretary Wu Yong said that at present most of the AA system, outdoor sports are very popular with consumers. However, the team formed in this way often in the equipment to prepare, prepare contingency plans for problems and some links. Outdoor sports organization, the organizers will give the participants a usual disclaimers, many participants are novice, no outdoor exercise common sense and necessary first aid in case of accidents, often only the government mobilized a lot of manpower and resources to rescue, “the government pays the bill for the outdoor sports,” the source of promulgation of the regulations will standardize the management of outdoor sports.

A specialized rescue team In the discussion, all outdoor sports club head is more concerned about the possibility of establishing a professional rescue teams, how fast the rescue, the government can invest and so on. Changji an outdoor sports club official said, if the problem frequently, and outdoor adventure is difficult to ensure the safety of persons, is in the initial stage of the outdoor sports also can not go further.

So clearly in the draft, from the Xinjiang Mountaineer Outdoor sports center set up by the rescue team composed of professionals, organizations, rescue training annually, the cost included in the budget.

Xi-Lin Li said: “The rescue system do not guarantee the safety of the outdoor adventure is difficult to ensure, in my district is in the initial stage of the outdoor movement can not go further.” Urumqi, although now a private outdoor relief organizations, the volunteers who love outdoor sports, but the capacity is very limited, experience across regions, and more dangerous rescue operation will be helpless. In my area of several large-scale search and rescue activities, all depend on the strength of the government was able to complete. “So government intervention is necessary rescue system.”

Changji State Council Zhang Pusheng style secretary believes that after an incident over the how to meet the rescue, over whether the formation of specialized rescue teams, this series of issues, the draft will be further refined in the discussion.

Need to apply for the implementation of activities
Xinjiang Sports Bureau outdoor mountain sports management center, a department official said, now Xinjiang in the Sports Bureau registered only after eight outdoor club. “According to regulations, organizations, institutions and organizations outside of our outdoor sports should be reported here, but several outdoor activities involved in the incident prior to departure, the organization did not report them to us here.”

Learned that the process of report preparation, the relevant departments will examine the organization of outdoor sports travel security, including equipment preparation, organizing Vehicle Use and other aspects of the security situation.

Have also done a draft detailed provisions, the organizers of outdoor sports activities should be in every 10 working days before the administrative department of the local sports application, is approved in Xinjiang mountaineering activities management center should be the first 20 working day application. SABUNG AYAM