Outfit The Backyard Chicken Pens The Right Method

A chicken pen is an area or space which is closed off for keeping chickens. They can also be called a chicken coops. The number of chickens that may be housed in a chicken pens can vary from one to a few thousand.

There is a variety of materials that can be used to build chicken pens depending on the quantity of chickens you are keeping. Different materials may be needed. The most popular material used in making chicken pens is fence wire or chicken gauze wire. Other people also use bricks, poles and wooden planks.

For chickens to grow well and healthy they need to have enough space to move around freely. As much as this is an enclosed area, the space should not be too restrictive. This is especially important for chickens kept for the purposes of laying eggs. Chickens also require fresh air and a lot of direct sunlight. This is essential for chickens kept in large numbers especially when they are young to prevent high mortality. Fences are usually preferred to walls for this reason.

When building or purchasing a chicken pen, it is necessary to consider environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Some regions in the world experience harsh temperatures and weather conditions. It is essential to overcome these factors by finding and using appropriate materials to suit the environment. Some chicken pens can be fitted with heaters, whilst others can be fitted with fans depending on the temperatures.

Chicken pens also keep chickens away from hungry predators. There are a lot of animals that may find the small chickens as prey this makes the chickens vulnerable. Dogs, cats, snakes and other animals may find chickens as an easily target and therefore a meal.

There are certain features which are universal to almost all type of pens. These are water holes or water containers, feeding stations and egg laying nests. Egg laying nests however may only be found in chicken pens were egg layers are kept. Feeding structures should always be kept clean, and checked if there is still an adequate amount of food since chickens feed throughout the day. Adequate amounts of food stations should also be there so that all the chickens will have a turn to feed. With the same importance is water. The same type of care must be taken with the water. Water stations must also be checked regularly. Chicken nests are important as chickens need a safe place to lay their eggs.

Chickens need to be in a clear spacious environment to grow healthily. The pens should always be kept clean. It is important that the chicken pen design allows accessibility for cleaning chicken droppings, changing water containers and also cleaning and filling up food stations. Some chicken pens are elevated and have wire mesh floors which make cleaning easier as the droppings pass through the mesh to the ground.

The best thing for you chickens health is to keep them in a clean safe environment for the chickens to grow healthy. That is the only way you can ensure that they will also give you a good harvest in return.
Sabung Ayam
Cerritos College Military Ball
The Cerritos College Military Ball will be held May 6th 2017 at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel from 6pm to 11pm. There will be music, dinner and more. This is a formal event which requires veterans to wear suits or their dress uniforms and women to wear evening gowns.  This event is being hosted by Veterans Resource Center and the Student Veterans Club.   FAQs How do I get my ticket? Please pick up your ticket at the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) on campus during normal business hours. When you arrive at the VRC, we will verify your student status and present you with a ticket. During the verification process,we  will also ask you which meal option you prefer. The choices are beef, vegetarian or chicken. Thank you again.VRC Business Hours:Mon – Wed 8am – 7pmThurs 8am – 5:30pm What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Parking in the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel lot is free.   What can I bring into the event? Good vibes and but leave the alcohol at home.   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Visit the Veterans Resource Center on campus and the front desk can assist you.   Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends? Due to limited availability and different meal options, only registered individuals can attend.