Packages for Goa: Goa is a dream world of beaches and churches

Goa, a little state nestled in the south-western corner of India, is a beguiling and captivating place known for its multitude of beaches and medieval age cathedrals that have stood the test of time. A vacation in Goa is craved by people from all parts of the globe and specifically by the sea-lovers due to the fact the beaches of Goa are, just, awe-evoking. From serene to crowded, from bustling ones to the lonely ones, from palm-fringed ones to the picturesque ones- the beaches out here differ magnificently and are immensely satisfying. Also, with the effortless availability of low-cost packages for Goa, folks from all walks of life can now turn up into this heavenly location and appreciate the sights &amp the sounds.

Your holiday in Goa will also be remembered for the gorgeous churches that this tiny but giant state has to offer you. There is a breath of Portugal and British colony in those age-old churches of Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of our Lady of the Rosary which will also evoke lot of nostalgia.

Outside activities: When you are at the beaches, you can play volleyball, bath, swim and splash about. And for the adventure freaks, the aqua sports of surfing, parasailing and boating are some of the have to do things. Shopping is another favourite outside activity and you need to head to the traditional bazaars to get a taste of the neighborhood culture. Wildlife activities can be performed at the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary or Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

Below the packages for Goa, you can also sink your teeth into some of the most sumptuous meals and delicious cuisines that you have lever laid your hands on.

Where to remain: There are a lot of modest Goa hotels which will simply fit into your spending budget. Also, if you are prepared to splurge, you can spoil yourself in the five-star Goa hotels, luxurious resorts and beach huts.

Significant Goa attractions: The key Goa attractions consist of
*Basilica of Bom Jesus
*Se Cathedral
*Church of our Lady of the Rosary
*Dudhsagar Falls (a shimmering waterfall)
*Mayem Lake
*Arvalem Waterfalls
*Kesarval Spring
*Carabolin Lake
*Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
*Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
*Braganza Home (a medieval age mansion built during 16th century)
*Solar Dos Colacos (a 18th century heritage property recognized for its architectural wonder)

When to visit: A vacation in Goa can be taken throughout the year. But the very best time to pay a visit to Goa is in between October-April specially for the duration of the festive winter season.

Local festivals: Goa is a state that loves to go more than-the-top when it comes to feasts and fests. Be it the riotous Winter Carnival or the zealous All Saints Feast or the Feast of St. Francis Xavier- all of them are celebrated with excellent fanfare.

Emergency Number: Police- one hundred, Ambulance- 102, Tourist Info- 0832-2438520/ 0832-2541644