Pan Gang: The Chinese Olympic Team Took A Gold Medal For Every 200,000 Erie Out To Do Public Service

8 14 10 am in China Dairy Faucet Erie Group Chairman, President and Gang Pan Guest, and hearing Mr. “leaders dialogue” Sixth, talk about him and Erie Olympics Dream. The following is part of the Interview Record. [Into the interview room]

And News Network: athletes won gold medals in Olympic competition, companies also will enter the war propaganda climax, Erie hand after the Olympics, doing what work?

Pan Gang: We can become the sole sponsor of the Olympic Games, is the Erie insist on quality first, according to the highest standards of the world continue the development of enterprises, our excellent quality, unique taste products won the Olympic committee and the general consumer those who agree, in particular the spirit of Erie enterprise dedicated receive your agreement, so that we become the only Olympic Games Dairy products Sponsors. After we become a sponsor, do three things, including our development of a series of products, including milk, nutrition Shaffer, Asia 70%, 80% of the people, especially the Chinese people will drink after the diarrhea or uncomfortable, we adopted four years Shaffer introduced the nutrition of milk, to solve this problem. So can not drink Milk People who drink milk, through special technology, make it the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body to support the Olympic team to win a very good product.

Second, we introduced a series of payments of our Code of organic milk after several years of research, we break the scale of the industry can not solve China’s large-scale production of organic milk technology. In the last year in Russia and China also spoke highly of President Putin, said that this is the best milk, the world’s best milk, this time we have organic milk, and pure gold Code of milk as the Ambassador of a country which entertains products. VIP we provide a dedicated service, the equivalent of Ely during the Olympics should provide product support, which requires a large network of product quality should be guaranteed three meals a day every day from the athletes can not products, must be promptly delivered to and supply of and in the process to ensure quality and safety. This process is very stringent service requirements, Erie after several years of preparation, this process, we see that our service was still very much get a bit. In old Samoa the day before yesterday on our service and fully confirmed.

Third, we do a lot of publicity and promotional activities of the Olympic Games. Because Erie to take on not only providing products and services for the Olympic Games, we want to promote, support for the Olympic Games, the products Erie to pass it as a link to China’s 1.3 billion consumers and share the Olympic glory, happiness, passion. In this process, we started from in 2006 so far in China’s largest Olympic event, called “Healthy China Tour.” We are more than 600 cities in the country, more than 1,200 communities, covering up hundreds of millions of people, we carry out the “Health in China” has virtually brought the Olympic Games put the community, until the time of the average consumer households. We also carried out on the network “to find the Olympic coordinates,” arouse the people to join us in support of the Olympic Games, including Liu Xiang, Yi, Guo Jingjing has also participated in this event, also led many ordinary people, consumers, have to support for participation in the Olympic Games. We also launched the “dream of community welfare activities.” People spontaneously make the dream of us to help them achieve, what is this concept? China’s Olympic team players in the game each get a gold medal, we will provide 20 million in cash support, the money we and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly with the various communities in the country.

Through this event will not only allow the people of Beijing, consumers can feel the passion of the Olympic Games in China, more integration, participation in the Olympics, but also through the activities across the country, we closely the country’s consumers and the Olympic Games link together. Erie became an Olympic sponsor, we always take that responsibility, the quality of the product runs through the participation of advocacy and support during the Olympic Games.

Through participation in the Olympics, let Erie greatly enhance the brand value, because, after all Erie is by far the world’s first to support the Olympic Games, participation in the Olympics Dairy Enterprise. Yili milk, Yili’s ice cream, ice cream, milk, cheese is the first time these products come to the Olympics represent China’s feast, so that athletes from various countries, political leaders in China, we really let him experience the perseverance products, our milk in China industry, we “China.”

In this process, we feel no shame to the Chinese people, all sports really won the Olympic Committee as the SA delegation and full recognition of our old. SABUNG AYAM