Panasonic Tough Book – When Only a Water Proof Laptop Will Do

When you travel to warmer parts of the world, when you step into a warm building from the cold, when you go from a warm to a cold place, you and your laptop are exposed to a lot of humidity. And while humidity is fabulous for your skin, it’s very bad news for your laptop.

Internal components will rust. And your laptop will either work badly or not at all. If there is enough wetness inside your laptop, it could short circuit. Then you would lose a lot of important information on your laptop. At worst, your laptop dies.

Thinking about humidity is more obvious when you’re traveling to hot, warm countries, or taking your laptop on the boat. However, it is very important to consider humidity once you leave your environmentally controlled office and home. If you use your computer in warehouses, on farms, when you’re out surveying, on construction sites, while fishing, at spas, to give a few examples, then humidity is an issue.

Much less obvious is the wetness that forms inside your computer without you knowing. This will tend to happen when you take your computer from a hot to a cold place, or from cold to hot. Abruptly.

Say you’ve had your laptop in the car on a hot, hot day. Then you take it into a nice, cool office. You will feel it on the outside – your laptop sweats a bit. You’ll probably wipe it off. But the same thing is happening inside.

Here’s what to do to protect your laptop from humidity

1. Always keep your laptop in a moisture proof case when not in use.
2. Always wipe your laptop dry before putting it into a case.
3. Keep your laptop indoors as much as possible. Try to avoid taking it outdoors.
4. Keep your laptop away from de-humidifiers or humidifiers. The nearby area is the most humid in the room.
5. Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature. If it’s unavoidable, wait a little while for your laptop to warm up or cool down to the new temperature before you switch on.
6. Or forget all that trouble and simply use a rugged laptop computer that is immune to the effects of humidity, immune to being rained on, and immune to having drinks poured on it.