Parenting Teens – Facing Up To The Challenges And Finding Solutions Easily And Quickly

Parenting teens does not have to be a nightmare. But let’s face it there are challenges which will test our nerve. The good news is that if we know where to get help, we can get through all the problems and raise great kids who will become well balanced adults.

We may have to face the challenge of our teen being a nutrition nightmare and the amount of junk food and the sheer quantities do not make this any easier. Just think that junk food quantities have doubled in size over the last twenty years. We know that about 17% of teenagers are overweight and about 15% are involved in eating disorders which range from fasting to binge eating and all the variants in between.

How do we help teens to make the right food choices? Forget the lectures about junk food and just make sure that nutritious family meals together happen as often as possible. Research in the Journal of Adolescent Health showed that teens who ate dinner with their family had a much better chance of not getting involved in risky behaviors such as purging and binge eating.

Other great ways are to be a role model yourself for healthy eating habits and make sure that the fridge is stocked with healthy food alternatives and junk food is never brought into the house. Making pizzas at home and varying the toppings with healthy alternatives is another way to encourage the right food choices. These are subtle long term measures but they will work, given time.

Talking of risky behavior such as drug abuse and early promiscuous sex, how on earth do you deal with that when parenting teens? One great way sounds too simplistic and it is this.

Teens may be trying out drugs and they might be doing that because of peer pressure or neglect from their parents and the fact that they do not spend as much time together as they did before. Just making prime time for your teen and doing something you enjoy together can open up channels of communication. Any teen needs to be supported and loved, and not necessarily lectured all the time. Communication skills and discipline skills go hand in hand very often.

These are just two aspects of possible solutions to parenting teens by using techniques in a good child behavior program. This one I recommend was written and devised by a therapist who was a runaway teen himself and who was jailed for various felonies. Once rehabilitated, he studied to become a therapist and never looked back. Many parents have found his advice to be invaluable. Why not learn how this program can help with parenting teens quickly and effectively without ever having to visit a therapist.

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