Paris Jackson Touched Us All!

Final goodbye to the King of Pop

No matter where you turned to yesterday all eyes were on the Michael Jackson funeral memorial services. The internet search engine Yahoo reported over 5,000 feeds, the most in it’s history. Every news channel in America as well as all over the world came together to say goodbye to the king of pop. Even the famous Time Square in NYC, known for the fast paced crowds in Manhattan came to a standstill. Hundreds gathered to stare at the giant TV screens above them. People had stopped , even if for a brief moment, their hectic schedule to join the Jackson family in grief.

In Los Angeles, CA. Hundreds of stars, celebrities and politicians gathered and one by one eloquently spoke about their thoughts and experiences they each shared with Michael Jackson over his life span. No one thought that Michal Jackson could be bigger in death than he was in life. Yesterday’s events have proven otherwise.

Then came the moment for Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson to speak. She began to move in to the microphone as if scared, unprepared for the huge attention before her.

The side of Michael we never seen; A father

Paris Jackson had half the world intently watching as she stood in front of the thousands who packed the Staples center and millions of others watching on TV. She began to speak real softly, scared and nervous which was natural given the huge media attention and presence. Janet Jackson asked her to speak louder as she began by saying “ever since she I was born daddy has been the best father anyone could imagine” We, the fans along with the media had never really thought of Michael as a father. Yet here was this little girl, her voice breaking, providing a vivid picture of that part of his life and what it would mean to her and her siblings now that he was gone forever.

Janet could be seen in the background gently rubbing her for support. The next few words that came out Paris gave me chills up my spine, a lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes.”… and I just want to say that I love him so much” she trailed off and had to be embraced by the rest of the Jackson family who quickly rallied around her for support. I have witnessed many scenes in my life. Some real, most fictional. Yet this moment quickly embedded itself in my list of memorable moments to remember. As a father of three young daughters, I can only hope that one day when I past away, that one of then would have enough courage to stand up in front of whoever is at my funeral and speak similar words from her heart. I just hope that one of my daughters can honestly say that I was the best father anyone could ever imagine.

Most of us shed a tear or two yesterday. Some of us broke down. Yet what did we lose really? A star who just a few weeks back, most had wrote off as a has been? We lost one of the greatest, if not the greatest pop star that ever lived. But what about his kids?. Paris Jackson gave Michael Jackson a human side to him yesterday. Made him normal. Paris Jackson, reminded us that she, along with her brothers, had just lost her daddy. Paris Jackson was about to bury her father.