Passion With The Release Of Stunning Bright Eyes Glasses

With the progress of the times, and now glasses to correct visual acuity has not only limited to the role again, with clothing also played for the effectiveness of the finishing touch, add a lot of bright spots for the overall shape. Community as a fashion friends “dance street”, of course, fashion would not miss such an important product of the decision of the glasses, face the choice of style.

The right glasses can increase the vitality of the face and shape a better look. Conversely, if the face wearing glasses and uncoordinated, then will face shame.

Similarly, in “street dance”, the players began to set the character modeling, when the role of both men and women, there are four kinds of face for players to choose, according to shape, in turn can be divided into handsome type, cartoon-based, trend-based, mature .

Handsome type (diamond-shaped face)

Diamond-shaped face is characterized by high cheekbones, narrow forehead, pointed chin. This oval-shaped glasses, facial lines will be soft, slightly curved square frames will also achieve the same effect. Cover the upper cheekbones framework is very important. Selected so that the face look more round and soft feel of the frame, face shape can make up for deficiencies. Circular lens is also possible, but there is a safety criteria, because it depends on the total width of the player character faces.

Flow type (rectangular face)

Square face and wide cheeks role, face shorter, but also keep a handful of male role chin beard, his lips under a shining “diamond” looks strong, so both should choose an easing of facial lines, but also appropriate to reflect the facial features of the glasses. Box smaller, flat and round or square frame with rounded edges of the eyes should be the ideal choice. The frames can soften the face angles prominent, in the view show on the square face, round and long features.

Mature (triangle face)

Triangular face, broad forehead, high cheekbones, narrow chin. Lady-type or square should use to reflect the beauty of glasses. So that the line between the forehead and chin natural transition. Optional glasses small circle above and below the bend than the type glasses, in order to increase the visual length of the face, pilot sunglasses is a good choice, the frame is not so obvious, that the player’s chin will look more natural. SABUNG AYAM