Inside the last couple of weeks, Patrick E. Donovan has earned acquittals for many clients facing felony charges and prison sentences, as properly as DWI/OUI penalties. Final month, a client charged with a house-invasion styled burglary and assault by a deadly weapon charges was discovered not guilty by a New Hampshire jury right after a week-long trial. Despite an eyewitness identification, and a video-taped “confession” by his client, Attorney Donovan persuaded a jury that his client had not the individual who invaded the residence of a Nashua, NH resident at knife-point, notwithstanding a videotaped “confession” extracted from his client by Nashua, NH detectives. While Attorney Donovan’s client was facing a state prison sentence of 7-17 years, a jury of 12 people deemed him not guilty, despite the fact that his client admitted to the police that that the knife put to use to commit the crime belonged to him. Earlier this year, another client, charged with several aggravated sexual assault charges was found not guilty by another New Hampshire jury right after a 10-day jury trial. In this case, Attorney Donovan’s client faced a possible life sentence for supposedly raping his granddaughter in her bedroom. Following a relentless defense that focused on several inconsistencies and admitted lies from the alleged-victim, Attorney Donovan persuaded a Rockingham County Jury that his client was not guilty.
Following these two substantial jury verdicts, DUI Attorney Salem Donovan earned an acquittal of a client charged with DWI/DUI in the Salem District Court. The client had been arrested following committing several violations while becoming followed by a Salem Police officer. Attorney Donovan’s defense focused on the officer’s inability to administer qualified field sobriety tests. Despite the reality that the client admitted to drinking that night, and despite his refusal to take a breathalyzer, DUI Attorney Salem Donovan convinced a trial judge that his client was not guilty of Driving While Intoxicated. He even managed to have an open container violation thrown out at the beginning of the trial. Finally, inside the last numerous week, DUI Attorney Salem Donovan’s client avoided felony convictions for burglary, possession of burglary tools, domestic assault, child endangerment, drug possession and distribution charges and other misdemeanor crimes and violations in many courts all through New Hampshire. If you require an attorney who is willing to fight for you, and not the police, no matter what the prospective fees or penalties may possibly be, get in touch with Patrick E. Donovan, Esq. for a free consultation. Understand what his present clients already know.