Pay For College – Graduate Debt Free


I, as many other young college-bound students, had to find a way to pay for college. My grades were decent, I had above average SAT-scores, but nothing really stellar, so no scholarship for me. Neither was I a star athlete or had rich parents. My at the time full time job, customer service for a major bank, earned me a paycheck about as generous as Scrooge McDuck, and I just was not able to save nearly enough money to put me through college for even one semester, much less eight.

What’s the deal?

In my search of a better salary, I wanted something that would give me a good return on my time invested, preferably recurring every month, so that I would not have to start from scratch from pay-check to pay-check. I also wanted to make money without having to show up at a job at set times, and get penalized if I didn’t. You know, in college your main focus will have to be your studies, not a part-time job. My first thought was working online, because I knew the opportunity was there. The problem was, I knew nothing about it. Endless googleing about SEO, HTML, eBay-marketing etc. resulted in tons of questions, lack of organized information, and a big headache!

Therefore, I decided to bite the bullet and make a small investment in order to get all the information that I needed to get me started. And believe me – when new to the online market, which is multifaceted and complex, learning from someone with 10 years experience, who is determined to help you, is the way to go.

Is it a scam?

In short, no. A scam would be something like paying for a product that you don’t receive, or paying for bad advice. That is not the case with Mack Michaels. For a small investment, you have access to many many hours of easy to understand video tutorials, dozens of e-books on marketing strategies, how to leverage the big sites like Google, eBay, amazon and others, lot’s of tips on how to find and use free tools that you can use to your advantage that you probably never thought of before, and much, much more.

Does it work?

Well, that’s like asking if you will get fit if you run a mile every day. You know you will, other people have successfully done it before you, but if you want it to work for YOU, you have to get of your but and start running. I have personally financed college already, only a few months after my investment in Mack Michaels club, following his advice and of course – working hard and persistently. The best part is, most of what I have built up is recurring every month, so my efforts are rewarded exponentially! Also, the initial motivation I got from earning $ 1320 my first WEEK made it quite a bit easier to keep up the motivation and determination to get me where I am to day.