Payout For Diabetic Man After Wrongful Taser Incident

A smartly dressed sales executive was travelling on a Leeds bus when he began to fall into a hypoglycaemic coma, his fellow passengers had been oblivious and the special diabetic tag around his neck was out of sight. Nicholas Gaubert was heading for a drink in the suburb of Headingley but instead ended up slipping into unconsciousness on the leading deck of a commuter bus. The driver, who was used to throwing drunks off the bus at evening after arriving back at the depot, checked the best deck. Had it been a Friday night he could have gone by way of the usual routine but it was a busy Wednesday afternoon.

This might not generally be result in for concern but the incident occurred just six days soon after the London terrorist bombings and suspicion, especially on public transport, was rife. Although keeping his distance, the driver shouted to wake him up, after no response, he left the bus to inform his superiors who cleared the depot and informed the police. A nearby ASDA supermarket was also evacuated and eight firearms officers had been sent.

Despite the fact that he did not appear like a textbook terrorist and the bus was empty, he was sweating profusely and wouldn’t respond to their orders. Since they could not see his hands, one of the officers reached for his 50,000 volt electric taser and with 1 final warning, pulled the trigger. It was the initial time a West Yorkshire officer had deployed the non-lethal weapon and the second came when he nevertheless failed to respond to orders.

After an overall period of ten seconds of the electricity buzzing by means of his body, Gaubert was slumped on the ground and the officers no longer regarded as him a threat, he was cuffed and thrown in the back of a police van. En route to the station he was capable to alert officers he necessary urgent health-related interest and was taken directly to Leeds general infirmary.

Soon after a recovery, Gaubert launched a civil case against the West Yorkshire police which resulted in a six figure out of court settlement and a formal apology. This was the first case of its kind in the UK but predictably not the last as the controversial use of the taser has caused numerous deaths and injuries in the US.
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