PDF Books – Making a Business From Selling E-books

PDF books are exactly the same as e-book, in that they exist only as files for your PC rather than having a physical form like a regular book.

The term stands for Portable Document Format and is a file format created by Adobe to improve document exchange and distribution.

Creating your own electronic books is a popular way of:

a) making money
b) increasing your reach on the web
c) building your credibility on the internet.

It only takes time and a small amount of money – if any – to set yourself up, and it means you have your own product to sell rather than being reliant on affiliate schemes for your online income.

Creating PDF books

Use the free software provided by Openoffice.org which operates just like Microsoft Word and is compatible with Microsoft products.

Once your document is created , it’s simple to ‘Export as PDF’ and this creates the file that you need for your e-book.

Selling PDF books

Use Clickbank which must be the best-known and most widely used method of selling e-books.

You have to pay a one-time fee to sell your own products.

You can offer other people commissions to sell your products, so you end up with a viral way of getting your work on more websites.

You can set the rate of commission your affiliates receive and Clickbank also handles all of the payment process, allowing you to take Paypal and credit cards.

They also build in fraud protection, secure payments and a ready-made global audience.

Making covers for your PDF books

This is the part where you’ll probably have to pay, especially if you don’t want an e-book cover that looks cheap and tacky.

You can either pay somebody to do it for you – and it won’t cost a fortune – or you can do what I did and invest in a bit of kit that enables you to do it for yourself.

Usually, the software is delivered as a series of ‘actions’ for use with photo editing software.

Make sure that you go for a product which has good support as it takes a bit of getting used to at first.

I think I’d recommend buying some kit to do this as it only takes a couple of products before you’re saving money on paying somebody else to do it and they look far more professional.

Marketing your PDF books

You should create a marketing campaign for your e-book as well as just listing them on Clickbank.

Search out related keywords to use with Google or Facebook ads, promote via an EzineArticles.com feature, or use free press release services to let web users know about your new product.