Peace At Last In The Middle East

A couple of days ago, I read Greg Palast (.com). He explained the connection between Big Oil and the crisis in the Middle East. As we concentrate on devastation in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and the increasing price of oil, not often do we link the two. In fact, they are closely associated with each other.


Check and see where oil prices were on 10 September 2001. Notice they have roughly doubled as global demand has increased and futures traders speculate on which way the price is likely to go in the near future. Look at the record profits of the oil companies.


Which of us imagines a congressional investigation into oil profits will lower the price of oil? Yet, it is not the record profits which have Big Oil drooling. It is the new value of their oil reserves that has them wetting their pants. Their bank account. Big Oil and their Big Banking, Big Government partners intend to control the global hydrogen economy in two more decades. What do you suppose they would like to happen to the price of oil for the twenty years until then?


We are bamboozled into the supply and demand argument to get us to pay as much as we will. But did you know the major oil companies have profit sharing agreements with the major oil producers? Did you know that a corroded pipeline in Alaska raises the global price from all sources? Did you know the producers can cut supply five per cent and make the books look as though there has been no change? Do you remember Enron?


War is good for business. As Greg says,” the more blood pours into the ground, the more money comes out”. So just pretend the whole mess is about politics and religion and don’t forget to fill up your tank before the price goes up.


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