PEEK-A-BOO Pre school and creative arts Club Concert – 2012

About The planet With Santa

An ode to the unwavering Spirit of Christmas on their 14th Anniversary

Mumbai, 23thDec 2012: A gorgeous extravaganza with a distinctive international theme “Around the planet with santa” was organized by the PEEK-A-BOO Club for Cubs at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi
Directors and Founders of PEEK-A-BOO CLUB for CUBS (Pre-college in Wadala/Prabhadevi), Mr. Rohinish Lalwani, Ms. Sangini Lalwani, Ms. Deepali Shah, and Ms. Darshini Shah, proudly presented the Concert 2012, ‘AROUND THE Planet WITH SANTA”

PEEK-A-BOO Children pre-school is an organization running a pre-college activity club (1Yr to 4 Yrs) as properly as a Creative Arts Club (2Yr to 12 Yrs)

The honourable guests were really satisfied viewing the tiny tots present their dances. Ms. Pinky Ahluwalia, Vice consul of Belgium sang a French Song which meant I will pray to the Santa Father not to overlook toys for the children this Christmas.

In the mood of celebrations Mr. Swaroop Khan the Indian Idol Fame sang some of his songs and also played the renowned Khartal instrument. At the finish of show he said it was fantastic Sunday and he enjoyed the functionality of the young children. He requested parents to encourage the young children towards Music and appreciated the teachers for their challenging perform.

Ms. Sagarika Ghatge remembered her childhood days and believed of her stage fright. She felt soon after seeing the children performing they have been a lot more bolder than her. AlsoUmaesh Pherwani anchored the show with excellent flamboyance.

Deepali Shah co-founder mentioned
Our philosophy is to cultivate capabilities and impart expertise to children in a entertaining and intriguing manner. Our club as effectively as all our workshops are handled by skilled and trained teachers and particular educators who are committed and committed towards early childhood development of kids.

Sangini shah excitedly stated
For our 14h year celebration we take fantastic pleasure in presenting,
our esteemed guests incorporated men and women from a variety of backgrounds and who have set benchmarks in our globe. The Vice consul of Belgium Consulate- Ms.Pinkey Alhuwalia, Chakde India actress Sagarika Ghatge, , Indian idol finalist Swaroop Khan and Stand up comedian/host Umesh pherwani.

The storyline was about a little girl who is an orphan and is completely low simply because she does not have a household and is usually longing for 1. Father Santa comes in disguise, unfolds a gorgeous globe for her to see and adjustments her globe by providing her the true gift of life- ‘A Family’

The Concert Theme was ‘We do not inherit the globe from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’

Darshini Shah explained that our planet we reside in is an amalgamation of different countries and its people with very diverse cultures ,religions ,beliefs, customs, traditions, languages, ceremonies, arts, values and the way of life and its folks.
Every single country was presented uniquely in its essence of landmarks and folktales, dance, music, architecture, food, clothing, epics, history visual arts, sports and customs differed from place to location within the country. Its culture, was labelled as a blend of these diverse sub-cultures, spans across the planet and included traditions that are a number of millennial old

Kids showcased how to learn, accept and assimilate in this diversity. With the vast sky above and the deep ocean beneath us, there is sufficient space for every single a single of us our household ,close friends and people from across the planet to live in peace and harmony and take pleasure in the different experiences of life.

It was a wake up get in touch with when Rohinish Lalwani asked the audience to spare a even though to feel about the planet earth, develop awareness on environmental hazards and operate towards creating the planet a safer and much better spot to live in. 

There was a sense of unity of believed when everybody came collectively to pledge towards developing a greener planet and a satisfied planet.

It was wonderful, brotherly celebration! A harmonious 1 amongst a colourful a lot! With a song in his heart Santa moved on, scattering joy and stardust all more than the globe. There was a message that individuals can sing with each other, consume together, celebrate collectively and most beautiful of all, pray together. And the merry man in red coat and white beard was flying like a laughing star across the night sky of the earth, in his resounding paeans of joy!

Deepali shah added-
So let us guide you by means of with our Lil Voyage along with our dear Santa who will unfold a magical world with all its zing for all of us and will transform lives of those much less fortunate.

There will be a memorable overall performance on ‘we are the world’ by the gifted young children from Lokmanya Tilak Institute for Deaf and Mute, spreading the message of enjoy, peace and togetherness thereby

Light, music and magic have been the components of Peek-a-boo’s 14th year Celebration.
Absolutely nothing mattered except the moment, and the moment was higher and heady, unbelievably joyous!
We had been surrounded in an explosive galaxy as we stepped and discovered the gateway to heaven with ‘A Worldwide Voyage with Santa’

The show was displayed by means of music &amp movement and there had been choreographed dances, acts, plays as effectively as specific entertaining programs by the youngsters. The kids danced on a variety of songs pertaining to various countries of the planet and displayed out the essence of each nation along with the Christmas mood.
Similarly to the turnout in prior years, there had been about 1000 people from all over the city which includes Principals, teachers, coordinators, educationist, employees members, parents and young children .

The occasion was held at Ravindra Natya Mandir on 23rd dec 2012 in between ten a.m. to 1 p.m.

Darshini shah spontaneously added
What better way to spread the fever of Christmas by witnessing the celebration and reaching to the youngsters across our city.