Pennsylvania Football Fans Among the Most Passionate in Professional Sports

With two of the most popular teams in professional football, the state of Pennsylvania ranks high on the list of most passionate fan bases. Each year as the NFL season comes around; fans get ready across the state of Pennsylvania. Getting up to date on all the latest news, player transactions and commentaries is part of what has become a somewhat ritualistic process. For both Philadelphia Eagles fans and Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the possibility of a championship is never too far way, which is why fans stay devoted year in and year out.


According to some committed sports enthusiasts, the Pittsburgh Steelers are among the most popular teams worldwide. On par with the Yankees in baseball, who have dominated their league throughout various decades, the Steelers are notorious for having taken total control of the National Football Association throughout the 1970s. Likewise, the Eagles have rallied up their fair share of diehard fans as well. In fact, at their former field, Veterans Stadium, it is rumored that a jail cell was actually constructed on the premises to lock down fans that became too rowdy. According to the tales, this temporary holding cell was shut down within a few years time as fans finally settled down.


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For fans who have remained devoted to their teams success for years, decades, even generations, there is only one solution when it comes to getting quality broadcasts and comprehensive coverage of all the games, pre, post, and regular season. With this fully equipped NFL Sunday Ticket, all the bells and whistles are included. Follow up to sixteen of your favorite professional players, adding yet another advantage to your fantasy league play, while still keeping tabs on the overall progress of every team in the real leagues. Watch special coverage with commentators like retired players and experts in the field. These benefits add up to meet the needs of football fans that have been looking for something this good for years.


The pure adrenaline that goes into professional football is something that is unrivaled in the athletic world. Though basketball might be fast-paced and baseball might have a long history to back it up, there is nothing like the short but pure energy that goes into the football season and the fans that support it.