Perfect Winter Holiday Destinations – Best 5 Places

Indian summers are getting hotter and hotter every year. Winter season is often regarded as the perfect time to relax and unwind in exotic and unique places. Winter holiday revelers look for a pleasant climate and exotic locales for panning out perfect vacations. There are many travel guides and magazine that review the best destinations apt for the frost season of the year. Winter holidays are growing more popular amongst adventure lovers and avid ski resort revelers. This season is apt for avid ski and snowboarding fans. Leaving the snow and ice behind, the warm and sunny destinations often occupy the top slots on everyone’s holiday and travel Wish Lists. Let us discuss top 5 winter destination tailor-made for perfect and unforgettable vacations.

1) Bali – Bali is a very exotic and tropical destination which is apt to soothe you in gentle winter temperatures. It has all the perfect locations and amenities to help you relax and unwind during the chilly season in grand style. The hospitality and people of Bali are as warm as the weather. Bali offers you many activities like sunbathing on the soft beaches or snorkeling among the reefs. If you are done with the relaxing and pampering stuff you can visit native markets to fulfill your shopping fantasies. Bali trinkets are widely regarded as perfect holiday gifts. Bali received the Best Island award from Travel and Leisure in 2010. It is also known to be one of the best islands, ranked second only after Greece.

2) Dubai – Dubai is also known as a shopper’s delight. It is a proper merger for the season combining shopping and world class malls. Dubai is famous for its museums, night clubs, international or native restaurants, amusement parks. There are a huge number of open air markets, shopping centers and entire shopping districts. This shopping haven enables any Shopaholic to browse, compare and buy clothing, souvenirs, electronics and so many other items easily. Most of the larger shops can even arrange shipping items home. You can enjoy the sunbathing beaches or sand dune tours. These are the reasons it has been one of the top travel destinations in the recent times.

3) Florida – Tourism plays a pivotal part in Florida’s economy. 60 million tourists are attracted to Florida for its warm weather and hundreds of miles of beaches. Florida was named top destination for vacations in 2011. The state has been perennial for winter vacationers for its amusement parks, beaches and water sports. The Walt Disney World Resort is the largest vacation resort in the world, consisting of four theme parks and more than 20 hotels in Lake Buena Vista, Florida; it, and Universal Orlando Resort, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, and other major parks drive state tourism. Many beach towns are also popular holiday destinations, particularly in the winter months.

4) Sydney -Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales, situated on the South East coast of the Tasman Sea. It is also known as the heart of the land down under. This modern city is a melting pot of culture and diversity. This holiday destination offers various activities like biking tours, travel, hiking, deep sea fishing, and wind sailing and historical walking tours. The main attractions in the city are the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the beaches, Luna Park and Sydney Tower. The Bondi beach and Manly beach are the two beaches famous with winter vacation enthusiasts all over the world.
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