Personnel For a Kitchen in a Food Establishment

You should staff your kitchen with reliable staff that know the ins and outs of a kitchen; a good kitchen team can make you or break you. Remember not every one that comes in will know every thing, some might know nothing, but if they are willing to learn, teach them. A slow worker does not mean that the person does not know what they are doing, every one works at a different pace.

Someone must be in charge of the kitchen; it could be a manager, with an assistance or supervisor. Every one has their place in the kitchen, from the Manager to the dishwasher; no restaurant can keep its doors open without the services and dedication of its staff.

Prep cook is one of the first people who deal with food from the onions you are putting in the rice to the steak you are serving every thing passes through the prep cook hands.

A line cook to a station on your line (the section of the kitchen where food is finished, or cooked when ordered). The line is made up of kitchen stations dedicated to different preparation techniques, like the grill, sauté, fryer, and so on.
Most line cooks should have some kitchen experience before working on the line.

Most cooks have experience before they enter a professional kitchen the cooks deal with the actual cooking of the meals.

The kitchen manager should know the ins and outs of running the kitchen. He may do the ordering and manage the staff, but he may not have advanced culinary training, (having a good manager that knows the standards can be a plus in any establishment) He can teach the staff the basics and can learn as he goes on, but he does not have to be creative or technical. He should be very productive and efficient.

The kitchen Manager should be fair and have people skills he should do right by everyone and not play favourite he should able to communicate with all levels of people from the gardener to the supervisors.

Supervisors take some of the stress of running the kitchen off the manager. They help with writing the roster, making sure the stations are clean and having adequately staff for daily.

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