Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil -Just Marketing Hype

You will no doubt be quite shocked, as I was. There is no such thing, pharmaceutical grade fish oil is just marketing hype. Yes, that is right, something that was invented to make more sales. Amazing, isn`t it? However,the good news is, that reputable companies do adhere to stringent guidelines to produce a superior product. Read on to discover more.

The US Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has set the standard with some guidelines, due to major concerns about contaminated products containing mercury, lead, dioxins and PCBs. Other reputable companies have complied with the guidelines by matching them while one company has set their standards of contamination levels much lower than the CRN standards.

Let`s face it, the lower the contamination levels, the better. No use fixing one health issue only to create another. So, when you come across supplements advertised as pharmaceutical fish oil, you need to do some further research on the company website to see what other standards they have in place. Here`s what you need to check out.

Purity and Location

Due to massive pollution of our oceans, one has to be selective about where the fish used for processing are caught. Steering clear of main shipping routes and oil rigs is preferred. Avoiding oceans surrounded by massive populations is also ideal.One of the least polluted oceans in the world is off the southern coast of the tiny remote country of New Zealand.

From this pristine unpolluted ocean, Hoki fish are caught and within a few hours processed by a very reputable company in the lower South Island of New Zealand. No need to worry about pharmaceutical fish oil here as this company maintains higher processing standards than the CRN. For example mercury levels are 10 times lower, PCB levels are 18 times lower and dioxin levels are 4 times lower.


Also of vital importance, ask the company that you intend to purchase from, for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which will provide you with details of total oxidation levels (TOTOX).You should be supplied with levels covering BOTH Anisidine Value and Peroxide Value. Again the New Zealand company is significantly lower than CRN standards. They also have each batch independently tested by certified Government Laboratories.

Now that you know more about pharmaceutical grade fish oil, you are well equipped to find a quality product. If you have found this article useful and would like to learn more about my product of choice, please click on the link.