Photo Blankets Offer A Unique Personalized Gift Option

Depending upon your needs and preferences for your special order, you may choose a knitted, woven or fleece blanket. Another great current option includes either sweatshirt fleece or double layer fleece photo blankets; this only increases your quality and thickness options when ordering.

Before deciding which type of photo blanket is right for you, the purpose of your order and the ideal photo need to be chosen. Perhaps you’ll choose a wedding photo for an anniversary gift for your spouse, a favorite family photo for grandma, or even a collection of photos for the perfect holiday gift in a collage blanket.

Photo blankets have been available for personalization for many years. With changes in technologies and photo clarity, these personal renditions of life have grown and changed as well. Photo custom blankets are available in a variety of style, but how can we know what each style offers.

Woven photo blankets are most often created from cotton or acrylic yarns. The images chosen for the promotional blankets by the consumer appear as woven patterns. Taking an up close look at woven photo blankets, the consumer will notice individually colored yarns combined to make one large image.

Woven photo blankets are produced in a similar manner to woven photo blankets. While these blankets tend to use both cotton and acrylic yarns as well, the photo image remains woven, in this case, knitted directly into the fabric of the blanket. The knitting result feels just like a knitted sweater. Again, the faraway look of the blanket produces an overall total photo, but when an up close look is taken, separate yarn pieces, knots and colors render the picture unrecognizable.

Woven photo blankets are usually very thick, but can be suitable for mild or windy outdoor weather because they do tend to breathe fairly well. Your loved one can use this blanket both while watching the baseball game and while trying to stay warm by the fire.

If you’d like to find something with a few more options when it comes to thickness and edges, you may want to consider a fleece photo blanket. This type of photo blanket is made of the softest polar fleece, and your chosen image is printed on it using a special dye process.

One of the greatest things about the introduction of fleece photo blankets into the world of personalized gifts is the stunning clarity with which the images are portrayed. You and the recipient of this thoughtful gift will both be pleasantly surprised at how detailed and clear the picture will appear! SABUNG AYAM