Photo recovery post ‘card not formatted’ error in GE E1480W

The GE E1480W is an affordable touchscreen digital camera which comes with a powerful zoom range of 8X. The camera packs in various other features in its slim body including 14.1 megapixels, 20 shooting modes, red-eye removal, blink detection among others. It comes equipped with an internal memory of 18MB and is compatible with SDHC cards. Photos stored on an SDHC card can be easily transferred to a computer, thanks to their better data transfer speed. But, be careful while handling the memory card as corruption can sneak in anytime. Corruption is a major problem associated with memory cards as it leads to data inaccessibility. To overcome such situations and restore lost photos, you have to remain dependent on a valid backup. If a backup doesn’t exist or is corrupt, you can retrieve lost or deleted photos from an SDHC card by using photo recovery software.

To elaborate on the capabilities and significance of a recovery application meant for photos, it is important to consider a practical situation. Let’s imagine a situation, wherein, you click several photos from your GE E1480W camera. One fine day, you reinsert the SDHC card in your GE camera in order to view those photos before downloading them to your computer. When you bring the camera in viewing mode, you receive the following error message:

“Card is not formatted”

The above error message indicates that your GE E1480W camera is unable to read the SDHC card.


The following causes could have prompted the GE camera to throw the above error message:

If the SDHC card is not formatted to be used with the GE E1480W camera
If the SDHC card is corrupt or damaged. The file system of a memory card can get damaged in various instances of interrupted read/write process.


Photo recovery from the GE E 1480 W camera can be done easily with the help of below-mentioned workarounds and other strategies:

Since your camera cannot read the SDHC memory card, you can try connecting the card to a computer and see if you can access photos
If this doesn’t help then you must eliminate the incompatibility issue by reformatting the SDHC  card in your GE camera
Reformatting also helps a great deal when you have to fix a corrupt SDHC card.
After formatting, you can handle the data loss by using efficient photo recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use application which supports recovery of all lost or deleted photos, irrespective of the format (JPEG, TIF, RAW). You can use this software to retrieve lost or deleted photos and videos from various digital cameras including GE, Canon, Nikon etc. The best part about this photo recovery application is that it doesn’t modify or alter any of your original images. You can download it for both Windows and Mac operating systems.