Pigmentation Marks on The Face ? Tips For Effective Treatment

If you are experiencing some pigmentation marks on the face, it can be down to a variety of reasons including hormonal imbalance, over-exposure to the sun in your youth and even hereditary factors. One thing is certain though, it is treatable and you do not have to put up with it for the rest of your life.

Pigmentation marks on the face are the result of too much melanin being produced and concentrated in one place, like age spots for example. The primary cause is over-exposure to the sun’s powerful UV rays in your earlier years.

You can limit your time in the sun, especially between noon and two when it is strongest and use a sun cream. This will help to reduce any further pigmentation marks but it is worth knowing that some sun is good for you and helps your body produce vitamin D, so a natural balance needs to be struck.

Rather than considering surgery or the latest laser resurfacing, which are expensive and need regular updating, why not consider the latest natural creams that are proven to work to gently and gradually fade pigmentation marks on the face.

Now I am not talking about the regular brands available in your local store, which as you may have found, simply do not work and there’s a good reason for this.

These normally contain harsh chemicals like bleaching agents to remove the discoloration but can be really bad for your skin. They can strip away your natural oils and also bleach the surrounding areas too for a rather unnatural appearance.

So what are the most effective creams to use instead?

Any cream containing Extrapone nutgrass will really make a difference, especially when combined with other natural plant extracts.

This can heal and soothe your skin and reduce the melanin production by 40% to help even out your skin tone naturally. It is an extract from a naturally occurring plant and the single most effective ingredient available for lightening your skin and restoring your natural complexion.

You will find it in a quality whitening cream from niche skin care companies online that do not use any harmful chemicals and blend the nutgrass with other potent and natural synergistic ingredients to improve the health of your skin and restore your youthful looks.

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