Pilot License – The Requirements For Post Solo Flight

There is some controversy as to whether a flying student should progress onto the next phase of training if they have not completed their solo requirements. This would be to the post solo requirements. There is no hard and fast rule that says solo requirements cannot be completed after post solo has been completed or during actually.

The post solo requirements must be met before a student can, complete a solo cross county flight, or exceed a distance of 25 nautical miles beyond the starting point. The student cannot make a solo flight or landing other than the airport of origin.

For those students who want to be able to fly cross-country by themselves must have met the following requirements. (a) Received the proper flight training appropriate to the type of plane that will be used for the cross-country excursion. (b) Satisfy a competent instructor that the student is adept at the pre solo flight maneuvers and procedures as they pertain to the aircraft going to be used. (c) be prepared to adhere to what the instructor will allow.

The above are just the basic outline. If you were to look at each of these issues individually, you would soon discover that each segment is very detailed and specific. Learning to fly and meet all of the requirements to become a success private license pilot is in many ways more complex than some may realize. Often want to be pilots hear that you only have to completed a specific number of flying hours and that?s all there is to it. They almost have the concept that the autopilot will do the work for them. It is only after they delve into their training that they discover there is much more to it than that.

A good example is the skills and knowledge you must acquire to read aeronautical charts that are applicable to VFR navigation. Even learning to use a magnetic compass is necessary. Reading various charts is also mandatory. It will become necessary to be able to analyze various weather reports and follow regulations as they pertain to the specific weather conditions. All emergency procedures must be thoroughly understood.

In addition to this, one must learn about traffic patterns. After all, you are not going to be the only pilot in the sky. Most students seem to have the most difficulty with landing techniques and take off procedures. This is something that the upcoming pilot must become very adept at. Even something as what may seem simple as radio communication must be studied.

These are just a few of the subjects and areas that the flight student will be subjected to. The determination to apply oneself to structured learning and application must be present in order for the flight student to be success at their course. Otherwise, the result will be no pilot?s license and a total waste of money. If extra study or flight time is needed to become proficient then it is money well worth spent if it is a goal of yours to become a Private Pilot.
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