Plan A Romantic Honeymoon At A Resort in Rarotonga

A romantic honeymoon resort in Rarotonga is simply the best way to relax after all that hard work planning and preparing your wedding day. After all, what could be better than getting away from it all in a place not too far away from New Zealand or Australia.

The relaxed culture of Rarotonga makes this the perfect place to let go of any residual stress, allowing you to fully breathe again, and enjoy each other’s company. You can of course decide to keep to yourselves and barely leave your beautifully appointed rooms, or spend the days enjoying the sun and water, or go a little further afield and explore the island. It’s up to you to decide how to spend your time.

Find a romantic honeymoon resort that offers special packages geared for newlyweds that you can tailor to meet your individual needs. One of the benefits of these is you can then work out what the costs will be once you book, which gives you time to plan and prepare. You can take your holiday at the beginning of your new life together without worrying about bills. Look for a resort that has a beauty spa facility onsite. Honeymoon holidays often make one think of couples massages, facials and rejuvenating treatments. It is a fun and enjoyable way to totally unwind together.

A Cook Island honeymoon is a popular option with many. It is such an amazing place to reflect on your wedding day and start a new life together. What could be more perfect than the white sand under your feet, a cocktail in your hand and views of the ocean before you? Rarotonga is notorious for getting around on scooters. Head down to the local police station and get your licence, you will need to do a quick driving test, than you will be on your way. You may scooter around the whole island a few times a day and/or to various areas for meals. There is a fantastic selection of restaurants and cafes to dine at in Rarotonga. You can enjoy an intimate dinner overlooking the lagoon at Tamarind House or a fulfilling lunch at Trader Jacks Bar and Grill before you head out for a spot of fishing. There are dozens of restaurants to select from and your resort hosts can also recommend places to dine at.

From snorkelling, scootering, to lounging by the pool, a romantic honeymoon resort in Rarotonga is a highly recommended option for celebrating your new life together. As a popular wedding location also, you can expect to witness many ceremonies taking place. Take a look online today; a simple search for ‘romantic honeymoon resort in Rarotonga’ will get you started.

Rolling a Reliant Robin – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy takes the extreme sport of Reliant Robin rolling to the streets of Barnsley, aided by a string of celebrities who just happen to be on hand to help keep the fabled three-wheeler upright.

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