Planning And Constructing A Poultry Pen

These days more people are returning back to the land to help support their families. For most one of their fondest memories is the old hen house in the back yard. The idea of fresh eggs from your own hen house for breakfast is intriguing. However, before you can chill and enjoy these wonderful eggs you need to know the best way to build a chicken house.

There are plenty of ways to build a chicken house and many different ideas are alike. Many factors must be taken into account before setting out to design your hen house. Perhaps the most important factor to think about is how many chickens you plan to have. This correlates directly to the dimensions of both the hen house and the chicken run you will need to have.

You also must decide what your main goal in raising chickens is, are you planning on raising your chickens basically for their eggs or are you raising them as a source of meat for the table? You want to take under consideration that they’ll need somewhere that they can roost and lay their eggs when you build a chicken coop. Your hen house plans must take into account that laying hens need roughly 1.5 square feet each of space within the hen house.

When it comes time to plan your outside run remember again that each type of chicken has different space wants a laying hen desires about 8 sq. feet, while a big chicken wants closer to ten feet of space. This much space is required in order for them to get enough room to exercise and to reduce the risk of your hens and chickens fighting each other causing injury or possibly death, all this must be taken into consideration when you build a chicken coop.

When you build a chicken pen you must design it in such a manner that your chickens can seek shelter from the elements and provide them with places they can shelter from both the sun and the rain so as to keep them healthy year round and you well supplied with fresh eggs.
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