Planning for Your Destination Wedding

It takes a lot of time to plan for a wedding. After all the detailed planning and hard working, there are lots of guests coming to your ceremony and reception. Many people are coming on your big day to greet you. It should be one of the most memorable experiences in your life.

However, some of us may not like the idea of being surrounded by hundreds of people, if not thousands. You may not want to cut the cake in front of so many people. You would like to forget all the details such as the decorations. You may even think that wedding should be something more private and you may really enjoy the time with only a few guests, who are your beloved ones. In this case you may consider a destination wedding. Imagine that if you are going to hold your wedding in Bali, not many of your friends or relatives will come to your wedding and you can really enjoy such a small wedding.

Besides, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the place you hold your wedding. The beaches in Bali are undoubtedly marvelous. It will also be amazing if you are having your wedding in front of a waterfall. If you have the courage to do so, you can even have your wedding in front of a historical building in Nepal. Of course you will need to take some time to research for the feasibility in this case. The wedding photos you take will certainly also be amazing. The place you choose for your destination wedding can be at the same time your honeymoon destination. You will find that you can actually save a lot of money because wedding and honeymoon are in the same place.

Although it can save you money by having your wedding and honeymoon in the same place, a destination wedding does not always mean a cheaper wedding. This is especially true if you would like to invite some of your family members to come to your wedding. Unless it is specially arranged, you will probably pay for the expenses such as the fee for the air tickets of your family members. That can be quite a large amount of spending. The key here is that you should try to invite your most beloved ones to your wedding. And saving money should not be your number one concern. If budget is your main concern, you may need to go back to a more traditional wedding or have your destination wedding not really far away from your home.

It is true that you will not invite many people to your wedding if you are going to have a destination wedding really far away. You should still send your friends and relatives invitations. Here wedding invitations do not mean an invitation card you will order if you are going to hold a traditional wedding. The invitation here should be a notice informing your friends and relatives the date and location of your wedding. When you come back from your wedding, you may still opt to hold a few simple receptions for different groups of friends and relatives.
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