Planning for Your Honeymoon

When you are planning for your wedding, you will need to plan for all the details on your big day. In fact, you also need to plan for something after your wedding. It is your honeymoon. Traditionally the honeymoon should be planned by the groom. However, it will make more sense if both of you and your husband-to-be are planning the honeymoon together.

Planning the honeymoon together

Similar to your wedding planning, the best way to plan for your honeymoon is to plan together. Since it is the first time you two travel together as a married couple. You do not want to be disappointed during your honeymoon. As a result, it will be better if all the decisions about the honeymoon is agreed by both of you.

The Destination

There is no definite formula to choose the honeymoon destination. You should choose the destination based on both of your preferences. If both of you would like adventures, you can consider a honeymoon in Antarctica. It can be quite romantic in Antarctica when you see the little penguins on a white land. In fact I met a Japanese couple on their honeymoon when I was on the trip to Antarctica and I think this can be an excellent destination for honeymoon.

However, if you believe your honeymoon is meant to be relaxing, you may choose places like Bali as your destination. It will not be a bad idea to enjoy the sun shine on the beach. On the contrary, you may also consider places like India or Nepal if you love to explore different cultures. The key is that you should select a destination that both of you feel interested.

The Season

Another issue you have to consider is the season in your honeymoon destination. It may not be a good idea if you plan to join the hiking tour in Nepal during summer, which is the monsoon season. The season is even more important if you really choose to go to Antarctica. You can only go to Antarctica during the summer (in the southern hemisphere). Of course there will be less problem if your honeymoon destination is places with equatorial climate, such as Indonesia and northern Brazil.

The Budget

As for your wedding items, you need to consider the budget for your honeymoon. The tradition is that the groom should pay for the expenses of the honeymoon. However, I will suggest you forget all this tradition and try to plan the budget together. There is nothing wrong if both of you contribute to the expenses.

Undoubtedly, the destination will affect your expenses a lot. Traveling to Antarctica is certainly more expensive than traveling to Mexico (if you are living in the U.S.). However, you can try to save some money from your wedding items and use the extra for your honeymoon. At the end of the day the cost for your honeymoon is usually only a fraction of that of your wedding.

Planning for your honeymoon is not an easy task. If you can plan it well, however, I am sure that you will have a really memorable honeymoon.
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