Points To Remember For Learning ESL

Increasing globalization, with growing interactions among people across the globe makes it beneficial for one to learn English as a Second Language or ESL. Be it buying products from far-flung countries, or keeping oneself updated with the world news, knowledge of English is no longer merely desirable, but essential. Hence, the number of people seeking to learn English is growing by the day; and the trend is likely to continue for years. English language is a common communication medium at the workplace, even in countries where the native language is not English.

A large chunk of English speakers worldwide do not use English as their first language. Most use English as a lingua franca to communicate with those who speak English as a foreign language. Now, the question is: what kind of English language to learn: as it is spoken in the UK, the USA, Australia or any other English Speaking Country. The idiomatic usage of English, however, does not matter if the two communicators belong to non-native English speaking countries. However, if the communication is between a native and non-native English speaker, the native speaker must be more tolerant of the latter’s style and word usage.

Useful Tips for Learning ESL

These tips can provide you a successful ESL learning experience:

Understand the purpose of learning and the person with whom you will interact in the language. If you are learning English as a hobby, decide whether you wish to read, write or simply communicate verbally in the language. Again, if you are learning it for a job, the requirements of the job will determine the type and level of English knowledge required. Determine whether you need to learn only Functional English or English for listening or writing purposes. Understand whether you need to be well versed with English Grammar as well Know whether your aim is to get a specific certificate, such as one from Cambridge or TOEFL. Different exams have different specifications; and the level and type of knowledge required depends on the exam you are preparing for.

Since it may be difficult to learn English by yourself, it is advisable to take professional help from agencies, such as Totalesl.com. The site is a platform for students, teachers, parents and schools to interact with one another to foster ESL learning.