Polanski Will Finish His New Movie in Jail

According to Reuters, in prison, Roman Polansky said he intended to finish the movie The Ghost in jail in the hope that he would attend Berlin International Film Festival with this movie next February. What’s the Best Gift Ideas This Year? Must-Have pandora uk !

According to Robert Harris the screenwriter of the film “gunmen” said: “Polanski hopes to complete the new film timely before the Film Festival in Berlin. 3 New You Should Know” ” I think even if he can not call in the cell, he still can convey his thoughts to the outside world. Bad Usual Practices that Elicit Blemish to ” “How do people think this film is another matter. I don’t know how the future will the film be in the condition of the director’s present state, there is nothing worse than the negative publicity.” He added. Polanski who is 76-year-old was arrested last month in Zurich, the director of “Chinatown” was charged with a number of charges because he bed with a 13-year-old girl in 1997. He fled out of the US in 1978 and has spent most of his time in France. He has dual nationalities of France and Poland.

Gunman is Polanski’s latest work, starred by Pierce Brosnan and Ivan McGregor. This political horror film tells a story between the former British prime minister and a gunman. The hero former British prime minister is said to have surprisingly a lot in common with Tony Blare, so the political will and movie background are to become the focus people are concerned about.

Harris also said that when Polanski was arrested, the director has completed the work of the film clips. He is now issuing orders in the prison and giving instruction on film incidental music. “It will be a nightmare if the director is still in the prison on the day of exhibition of film. But we will deal with the situation well. I am sure he eagers the success of the film since he has benn working on it for two years.” Polanski was the winner of both the Golden Palm in Cannes International Film Festival and Best Director in Oscar. However, he didn’t attend the Oscar Award Ceremony in the U.S.

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