Police discover Jiah’s suicide note?

Jiah’s suicide case investigation has created an exciting turn. Her loved ones members have found a six web page note from her space. According to reports Jiah’s mother and sister have been going by way of her private stuff and stumbled upon this note which cites few causes that produced her to finish her life.
Jiah utilized to write poetry, so the family member felt it is a single of it. But this note had handful of upsetting elements of her life described. The note talked about, ‘By the time you are going to study this note, I will not be in this world.’
The family informed the Police official about this. On the family’s request the original copy is with them and the photo copy has been submitted to the police.
The note also says: ‘You have cheated me… I trusted the relation… You didn’t care about the relation.’
According to Jiah’s family members members, the young actress was depressed with her partnership and was feeling cheated. A source reveals that she spent a lot of income in the course of the relationship and allegedly went under a health-related procedure in Goa, in the course of her relationship.
The loved ones had been unaware of it and are trying get in touch with her close friends to find out the hospital, exactly where she went beneath the health-related procedure.
Meanwhile, the police with the aid of an expert will analyse whether or not the note was certainly written by Jiah or not.

SRK comforts PeeCee

Of late Priyanka Chopra has been keeping a low profile, while she is parked at her critically ill father’s bedside, at a suburban hospital. The actress has been spotted at the hospital each day attending to her ailing father, the latter’s well being has been described as really critical.
In this grave time, PeeCee’s Bollywood buddies have come out to be at her side. Particularly her very best buddy in town Shah Rukh Khan has also been there to give moral support to the actress. The actor lately dropped by at the hospital to see Priyanka’s father, Dr. Chopra.
A supply reveals, “Medical professional Chopra’s situation is really, extremely significant at this moment. He has been put on a respirator. Priyanka has kept all her function aside and is subsequent to her father 24X7.” Recently, Priyanka also visited Vaishnodevi Temple bare foot and participated in Yajna to pray for her ailing father.
SRK, who is also recovering from his shoulder surgery that he underwent on Could 28, didn’t bother about his injury. Rather he is at Priyanak’s side, helping her go by means of the tough predicament.
Bodycam Shows Intense Police Shootout in Buckeye, Arizona

** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) **
Officials on Thursday released video from a fatal officer-involved shooting in Buckeye in 2016 that occurred as officers responded to reports that a man had shot his wife. A overview determined the officers had been justified in the shooting, according to a Might 30 letter sent from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to the Buckeye Police Department. Police have been called to a residence near Wayland Drive and 238th Avenue in Buckeye on June 25, 2016, soon after receiving a contact from California that 30-year-old William Ferguson had fatally shot his wife, 36-year-old Breanne Ferguson, according to the Buckeye Police Division. A “heavily armed” Ferguson approached investigating Officers A. Cost and Larry Biffin in a white Dodge pickup before leaving the automobile and “ambushing the officers with an assault rifle,” police mentioned. The video released Thursday from an officer’s physique camera shows the two officers near a police car on a neighborhood street when the pickup truck appears. The officers notice the pickup truck and are speaking about the circumstance, when gunfire erupts. Physique-camera footage shows Biffin taking cover behind a patrol car and firing back at Ferguson, discharging numerous rounds. Ferguson’s ambush continued with a second round of gunfire that shattered the window of the patrol car, police said.

Officer Justin Ricks arrived at the scene to help the officers, firing several rounds from his AR-15 patrol rifle at Ferguson and stopping Ferguson’s attack, police stated. Ferguson had been shot in the shoulder during the standoff and moments later took his own life, police stated. Inside the residence, officers found the physique of Breanne Ferguson, who had been shot multiple times, as well as two children who have been unharmed and taken to security, police said. Proof obtained at the scene linked Ferguson to his wife’s death, police mentioned. The kids had been later placed in the care of household members, police said. The Arizona Division of Public Security carried out an investigation into the shooting while Buckeye detectives investigated the death of the lady, police mentioned. The officers had been placed on a normal 3-day administrative leave following the incident, police stated. The Buckeye Police Department praised its 2011 policy that issued AR-15 rifles to all officers to have on the street, saying it “proved beneficial” in the incident. The delay in releasing the video came at the request of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Workplace, which asked police to wait until the case was resolved ahead of distributing the footage, the Buckeye Police Department said. 

RAW Bodycam footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GhCApmn4Wk

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