Police in Pollywood – Releasing Quickly

Cast :– Anuj Sachdeva, Bhagwant Mann, Raj Brar , Sardool Sikander, Mani Kapoor, Parmod Mautho, Sunita Dhir, Barjinder Singh Atwal, Preeto, Surinder Bath, Anita Meet, Jagdeep Jaggi, Raghveer Boli


Like the words HOLLYWOOD and BOLLYWOOD, the word POLLYWOOD came into existence when Punjabi films developed a space for themselves at National and International levels. The theme of the film POLICE IN POLLYWOOD-BALLE BALLE by Gautam Productions is that Police people will now direct and generate Punjabi films. It sounds like as if a person toothless is trying to consume almonds. Think for a while – what will take place to film makers if Police people commence making films, due to the fact they are employed to get each and every function completed forcibly, by the power of a stick. In a gentlemanly way, they can’t supply water to anybody even from the spot for cost-free service of drinking water. Poor fellows- they may well be good at hearts but they are slaves to their habits.

This film is a situational comedy, complete of entertainment, well knit story with family members ties and flooded with a selection of exciting episodes. Actor performed imaginatively, providing hundred percent of their potentials. Playing with some such incidents is the story of POLICE IN POLLYWOOD is the acting of BHAGWANT MAAN with best unison with RAJ BRAR and SARDOOL SIKANDER . In Romantic Angle you will see ANUJ SACHDEVA (Hanni Fame) and MANI KAPOOR. Guest artists are MOHAMMAD SADDIQUE and LABH JANJUA.

This conditions comedy tingles with romantic music offered with inventive scores by JAIDEV KUMAR. Lyrics that will long maintain ringing bells in your ears, are written by BABU SINGH MAAN AND KUMAR.

Drastically juicy screenplay and dialogues have been written by BALDEV GILL. The story of the film is written by PARVEEN KUMAR. Our cinematographer is the reputed INDERJIT BANSAL. Melodious songs are choreographed by the famous BHUPI and SUNIL THAKUR and gorgeous costume designed by SHAKTI SIDHU. Action followed by MOHAN BAGGAD.

This film is directed by Veteran Actress of Punjabi films – SUNITA DHIR. This is her first Directorial venture.
This film is created by RAJINDER GAUTAM &amp MONIKA GAUTAM. Once more this is their 1st venture as producers.
This film will prove hundred percentage tests of viewers since of its notion, therapy and presentation. This is not only our trust rather our claim as well.
Watch complete dashcam video of Tiger Woods DUI arrest released by Jupiter Police

Jupiter (Fla.) Police have released dashcam footage of golfer Tiger Woods’ Memorial Day arrest. Watch the video above, which shows a disoriented Woods put by way of a field sobriety test just before becoming handcuffed.

From the Linked Press:

Officers on patrol early Monday noticed a Mercedes pulled awkwardly to the side of the road with the engine operating, the brake lights on and a appropriate turn signal blinking. Both tires on the left side of the auto were flat, and police described fresh harm to the driver’s side.

The video shows officers method the vehicle and Woods, who did not know where he was. The footage also shows Woods stumble and sway via a field sobriety test just before becoming arrested.

A breath test registered a blood alcohol level of .00 %. Woods later mentioned his situation was caused by prescription medicines.

Woods is to be arraigned July five in Palm Beach County court on the DUI charge.