Police Increase Their Use Of Anprs Cameras

The police forces in England have, for some time had Automatic Quantity Plate Recognition System cameras at their disposal but till recently had not realised just how widespread the dilemma of uninsured drivers was ( some estimates put it as high as two million ) and just how successful the ANPR system can be in detecting these law breakers. London police have been engaged in operation Reclaim considering that the end of 2007 and have been shocked at the high quantity of pricey automobiles they have seized due to them not getting insured. The trigger for the increase in ANPRS policing has come from a current change in legislation which enables a beat officer to impound a car whereas previously this was the duty of a specialised site visitors officer whose time could better be spent on much more significant offences.

The technique functions by photographing the number plate of each passing auto and through specific software program comparing the automobile registration quantity with the database of 35million legally insured drivers supplied by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. If the photographed vehicle is not on the database the car is stopped and if the driver can’t produce proof of insurance the vehicle is impounded. Owners have 14 days to reclaim their auto and spend a fee of £105 plus £12 per day . They also face a £200 fixed penalty fine and up to six penalty points on their licence. Simultaneously the program also checks the DVLA database to see if the automobile is taxed and has a current M.O.T. certificate as it has been identified that offenders driving without insurance extremely frequently have no tax and never bother with M.O.T. tests. Every single of these offences also carry fixed penalty fines and penalty points on their licence so it is conceivable that, below totting up rules a driver could shed his licence right away.

Automobiles that are stopped and located to have no insurance coverage are impounded and if the owner fails to pay the neccesary fees and fines to have it released are either crushed or often auctioned. Surprisingly some of these automobiles are higher end luxury and sports models. It is believed that the owners of these, faced with extremely high premiums make a decision to risk driving without having insurance, reasoning it is less expensive to risk being caught and pay the fine than pay thousands every year to be insured. Now however if they are stoppedthey will shed their auto as it is so much less complicated for the police to seize it. The police hope that this new deterent will be enough to convince these owners that insurance is totally mandatory.

5 London boroughs are attempting the scheme now and it need to be extended to cover the entire capital by the finish of 2008. Other forces are following suit with North, South and West Yorkshire forces joining Humberside in a crackdown on this variety of offence. The days of the uninsured driver appear to be numbered, which has got to be a excellent issue for all motorists as a collision with an uninsured driver charges the innocent celebration though no fault of his own.