Police lights request the correct of way

Urban and suburban drivers today are so distracted with cell phones, stereos, ipods, gps systems and so many other individuals that driving is no longer the major focus of becoming behind the wheel. This is what first responders have to contend with on a everyday basis. In addition, first responders find themselves in circumstances where drivers either refuse to yield the proper of way due to the fact of these distractions, or simply become scared and do not know what to do when they see the flashing police lights of emergency autos in their rear view mirrors. It is frequently with fantastic disdain that very first responders have to deal with these distracted and downright stupid drivers.

Maybe people just don’t care. Maybe individuals are so wrapped up in their own lives, that they don’t spend attention. What ever the reason, it significantly hampers the response occasions of our invaluable initial responders. This can be the distinction in between life and death, saving a house or letting it burn. Our society nowadays has become so self centered it seems, that it only matters to us if it directly concerns us. By no means mind that it could be a predicament affecting a friend, a member of their loved ones or even themselves. You by no means know exactly where that police automobile, fire truck or ambulance might be headed. Therein lies the rub.

If absolutely everyone place down the phones, the ipods, the makeup and focused on what ought to be their number one priority, driving, 1st responders would really discover themselves getting to the scene more quickly and with much less drama. But that is only in a perfect globe. Even a close to best world would be a welcome relief. Yielding the correct of way when an emergency automobile is responding need to not be looked upon as an inconvenience, but with appreciation for the function they do. Someday, it might be you who’s waiting for the police, the fire department or the ambulance and wondering why it is taking so extended.
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