Police Notes Prove Chris Brown Is Guilty

According to a LAPD officer’s notes it took Chris Brown nine days to apologize to girlfriend Rihanna for allegedly beating and biting her. According to the report that was released on Thursday, Rihanna’s assistant received a text message from Chris Brown on February 17th apologizing for what he’d completed and saying he was going to “get help.”

Sources in the legal field are saying that Rihanna need to not be with Chris Brown, and that he demands a lot more than support, he demands to be punished.

The police reports stated that Chris Brown not only “lost it” with Rihanna, but he became enraged and psychotic. It really is fairly difficult to envision Rihanna, ducking and attempting to safeguard her face as Chris Brown mercilessly beat her inside a vehicle.

The initial assault was brought on by Rihanna objecting to Brown receiving a 3 page text message from a former lover. (Insider sources have told Jackin4Beats.com that Paris Hilton was the sender. Nonetheless we nevertheless haven’t been in a position to confirm the statement.)

The police notes went on to study that Chris Brown didn’t like Rihanna’s attitude about the matter, and tried to push her out of the car. When he failed at carrying out that according to Rihanna, “Chris Brown took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window, causing an approximate 1 inch raised circular contusion. He then began punching her with his correct hand as he drove. According to police notes, “The assault caused [Rihanna’s] mouth to fill with blood and splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle Chris Brown was driving.”

As I described in a current interview I was going to reserve my opinion till all the facts were in. Effectively it would seem that the facts are in and I should say… I am very disappointed in Chris Brown, particularly after I found that the assault continued, painfully, for some time till Rihanna was able to grab Chris’s automobile keys.

Rihanna wake up child girl… Like it or not you are a part model… This is a position that you chose to be in and may well I say it is an very fortunate position. If she decides not to testify against Chris Brown, and put him in jail, my query is, what kind of statement is this creating to young girls around the world. Along with fame comes a duty. No self-respecting lady, superstar or not should tolerate such treatment. If Rihanna fails to do the appropriate thing I really feel that she must also be banned by radio and television stations.

This is a pivotal point for Rihanna and young ladies around the planet. I have talked about this earlier, nonetheless I feel I may possibly want to point it out once more. Despite the fact that I like Chris Brown as an artist, after this incident I will no longer assistance his career. As far as Riahanna, if she chooses to keep in her present scenario I will no longer help her profession.
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