Police Say Teen Driver at Fault in Ventura Pedestrian Accident

In August, we reported on the death of a Casitas Springs woman in a pedestrian accident in Ventura. Police have now confirmed that the teen motorist who was driving the automobile that struck and killed Susan Herman, was at fault in the accident.

On August 24th, Herman and her dog have been crossing the street when they have been struck by a automobile driven by a 16-year-old motorist. Herman was rushed to a hospital, but succumbed to her injuries. At the time, it was not clear who had the appropriate of way. The unidentified teen motorist stopped soon after the accident, and told police that he did not see Herman or the dog crossing the street.

Since then, investigators have been capable to decide that Herman had the proper of way at the time of the crash. She is believed to have been on the crosswalk when she was struck by the automobile. They have also determined that the motorist failed to see the pedestrian, due to the fact of inattention.

California pedestrian accident lawyers see this all the time. Accidents are caused due to the fact of a motorist’s failure to pay focus to the road, especially whilst nearing a crosswalk, or an intersection. Distractions can come from a quantity of sources. Motorists may be fiddling with radio stations, or snacking. They might be distracted by billboards. Distractions could also come in the type of cell phones. There is no data on regardless of whether cell telephone use was a aspect in this accident, but nationwide there has been robust concern about drivers distracted whilst text messaging or talking on their cell phones, and how this increases the threat of an accident.

In July, we discussed a study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, which showed a powerful correlation in between a driver’s text messaging at the wheel, and the threat of an accident. Motorists who were texting even though driving, had a tendency to take their eyes off the road, that was 4.6 times higher than motorists who have been not texting. This, the study discovered, elevated the threat of an accident by much more than 23 occasions. The outcomes of the study have generated louder calls for a ban on text messaging even though driving. The Governor’s Highway Security Association has called for a nationwide ban on texting even though driving. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will be convening a summit at the end of this month to go over how ideal to deal with the dangers of texting although driving.

In addition to driver distraction and inattention, there might be other factors that could be responsible for a pedestrian accident. These include:

Speeding – A motorist driving at high speeds could be unable to stop in time to see a pedestrian on a crosswalk.
Drunk driving
Careless driving in poor climate situations
Failure to yield appropriate of way
Motorists should do their element to stop accidents

Drive at safe speeds
Look out for pedestrians when you near a crosswalk or an intersection.
Drive specifically very carefully at night, and during rough climate conditions.
Watch out for pedestrians in pedestrian-heavy locations like college campuses, schools etc.
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