As the term implies, activities of a particular person who is chosen for any appointment/ enrolment with any organization, want to be looked into through a complete-fledged procedure of verification by a competent agency legally authorized to do so, which clearly implies the Police Verification.

Offered the technique of our governance in a democratic set-up assuring some fundamental rights and growing involvement of folks in various political, union and organizational activities, the responsibility of the concerned law enforcement agencies in efficiently tackling the circumstance with the least violation of law, assumes greater value. Nevertheless, instances of influential political leaders and elected public representatives brow-beating the police and taking them for a ride for their vested interests are no less. In such a circumstance several instances of glaring violation apparently resulting from interference with police action, go unnoticed and buried under wrap, only to be brought in to public domain by intervention of courts of law certainly following some sort of media or public outcry.

Considering that each and every corporate house is worried about hiring people with criminal history on their payrolls, far more and much more organizations now have began going for a police verification of their perspective staff. Such verifications are especially helpful for hiring manpower for very classified and confidential services requiring full security of information.

We provide comprehensive Police verification solutions for all folks/job seekers living across the length and breadth of India. Our seasoned specialists carry out these verifications by thoroughly scanning the police records of a concerned person in the neighborhood police station of his/her town. Our police verifications are totally unbiased in verifying the information of an person in question, and all the information gathered is kept fully confidential between us and our clientele in such verifications.

With this standard and murkier state of affairs revealing the highhanded, whimsical and irresponsible manner of police overall performance on the one hand and compelling, forcing and blackmailing otherwise disciplined, dutiful and upright police personnel to sabotage/overturn the procedure of law through political pressure on the other, calls for a thorough and powerful police verification to unearth and establish a person’s innocence or guilt. In a quantity of recent cases, there have been situations of senior police officers becoming arrested and put behind the bars on the orders of courts in some States. This clearly shows how a timely and appropriate police verification brought on by an individual or public awareness exposes the truth and brings some quantity of relief, albeit belated, to the aggrieved celebration/victim in the extended run.
Sabung Ayam
Photo of police officer consoling teen goes viral

A photo taken of Charlotte police officer Tim Purdy consoling a teen goes viral.

Sabung Ayam