Policies Favorable To Support Agricultural Market Sales Booming Industry In January – Agricultural

The spring, the good start is half the battle. January 2010, in many inspired by good news, Agricultural Machinery Enterprises to pump a good luck, have to display their various kinds of promotions, so that the domestic agricultural industry good start was achieved. According to Machinery Industry Statistics will be 41 tractor industry statistical analysis of the scale of enterprises, in January sales booming domestic agricultural market, the situation is gratifying.

Production enthusiasm Unlike previous years, this year the policy of agricultural market trends and demand trends have become clear policy signals before the release of the production and circulation enterprises to eat teeth reassurance. Years ago, the central economic work conference was held, early in February issued a “No. 2010, the central document” and before the national ministries and industry associations released information that indicate many of the agricultural machinery industry in 2010 has a better development environment, a single the total amount of subsidies from the state in 2009, 13 billion yuan has been greatly spurred the agricultural machinery industry Sell , 2010, purchase of agricultural subsidies if the state funds to increase to 150 billion to 18 billion yuan, excluding the impact of diminishing marginal efficiency, agricultural market demand in 2010 would still be higher than the previous year. Therefore, enterprises in the industry generally optimistic market demand this year, if last year because of the policy was not sure if, years ago, watching the more so that many enterprises have stocked enough, resulting in high season comes out of supplies and lost into a universal phenomenon, then many companies this year learned from the end of last year at full capacity, rushed the beginning of the stocking, because under the laws of the market in recent years to see, in the first half year sales revenue accounted for 70% to 80%, if the first half to seize the opportunities , means to seal the victory locked up the whole year, so manufacturers enthusiasm, are seizing the season before the arrival of precious time, for a variety of pre-market preparation.

Sales booming business Scale enterprises from 41 sales data analysis, in January this year, the industry has created the best operating performance in recent years: 41 agricultural enterprises in January-scale production value 4,360,000,000 yuan, up by nearly 60%, the sales revenue of 40 billion, up 57%, sales rate of 92%, from sales ratio shows distribution companies are also confident this year’s market trends, go all out to sell well before the construction of storage products. And the booming domestic sales compared to exports still make the trade with anxiety, 41-scale enterprises in January was only 2.6 billion of export delivery value, even more than the same period in 2009, was also reduced by 20%, indicating Financial The impact of the crisis on foreign trade is still not bottomed out, take time to achieve recovery in demand.

Product sales from the main analysis: January 41 scale enterprises tractor production 190,000 units (equivalent to standard units, 12 hp / unit), up nearly 145%, sales of 177,000 units, up 195%, of whom horsepower tractors in the production of 30 000 units, up 148%, sales of 28,000 units, up 195%, from the above figures can directly reflect the operation of agricultural machinery industry hot situation.

Adequate supply inventory by At the national macro-environment, farm machinery purchase subsidy and channels for the king Marketing Competitive environment, the first to seize the resources of the dealer, whoever covered goods, it means that sales have already won half the battle, so to occupy more channel resources, companies have rolled out incentives and promotions to attract a large number of purchase and Yahuo dealers. From the statistical analysis of the industry, in January sized wheel tractor inventory has reached 25,000 units, up nearly 30%, plus distribution channels within the Department, no hidden sales inventory, medium and large horsepower tractors is expected to have achieved industry-wide inventory the 70 000 to 7.5 million units, channels, abundant supply. Although the agricultural market situation

good, but to some extent, any market can not guarantee 100% forecast accuracy, this year’s agricultural development of the market there are still many uncertainties, and demand is also dynamic changes, if passed, discrepancy between the actual and forecast market developments, or major changes in the demand structure, business inside the shop to channel the products unmarketable or marketable will not face the risk of road. So active are the distribution companies but also in the same time, strengthen the capacity building of key components to increase reserves, reasonable to stocking, to avoid adding unnecessary inventory.

Confidence is more important than gold! Some countries in agriculture and the rural economy year on year investment in high-intensity and large variety of favorable policies to shore up the city to promote both the agricultural sector, manufacturing enterprises, distribution enterprises and large agricultural users, both on the development of agricultural machinery industry future with confidence, I believe this year’s agricultural production industry will be another hot, demand, production, circulation, management of all market players win-win situation. SABUNG AYAM