Policies To Promote Driving Businesses Into The Digital Age By 2015

HC Home Network News : This year in June, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “the General Office of the State Development and Reform Commission in 2009 on the organization of the implementation of digital TV Research and development and industrialization of special notice, “they make the 2009 guide the direction of digital television development and planning. Digital TV is included in national long-term technology development plan for cultural development as well as “National Economic and Social Development of a five-year plan,” and clearly: in 2010 the country will be full implementation of digital television broadcasting, and in 2015 Year-round off the air analog broadcast television. Policy support, the overall operation of the lead agencies throughout the advance of digital television; in the Star on the 9th of the launch is for the vast rural areas of 48 sets of standard-definition digital TV programs; and many TV Manufacturing companies such as TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Toshiba, LG, Samsung have also added to this “whole turn” among the ranks, launched terrestrial digital TV signals can receive terrestrial digital TV integrated machine products, effectively promoting the digital terrestrial TV industry, full speed up the process of digital TV in China to help achieve the 2015 vision into the digital age.

Status: full switch to digital television coverage in 6 years only 1 / 3

Digital technology to the television industry unprecedented large-scale technological change, in addition to significantly improve the clarity, the most important difference lies in the era before the broadcast analog signals converted into two-way one-way communication interactive communication. Since 2003, our cable, terrestrial transmission will start the “rotation model” of the overall transformation journey.

After several years of market development and promotion of our country by paying off the development of digital television. According to Electronic Office of Consumer Electronics Association survey data show: from the State Administration of Radio official launch of 2003, the overall conversion of digital cable TV since the country has 49 cities and regions in cable digital TV pilot. 2003 -2 008 years, the national cable digital TV users showed rapid growth in the number of upward trend. In 2003, the number of cable digital TV users is only 280,000, and by the end of 2008 to 44.5 million this data explosion. Ended the second quarter of 2009, the country 162 million cable TV customers, cable digital TV users reached 54,657,540, digital cable TV coverage reached 33.74 percent, is expected to reach 110 million by 2011. At present, 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have 229 cities in the whole of digital conversion, which has been fully completed in 106 cities.

Well-known home appliance experts, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo said: look at the overall number of degree, 33.74 percent share of the cable digital TV, or slightly lower. This is mainly due to the immaturity of the technology and market lead. People do not feel the digital TV technology brings disruptive change. As the market further matures, a comprehensive understanding of China’s television viewers will soon be the true excellence of digital technology, digital cable TV subscriber growth will appear more substantial upgrade.

Future: a long way in front of a digital TV promotion process, Tao “Hom”

Present, China Digital TV is in a rapid growth stage of industrial development. At this stage, the policy is the main driver of market development, according to SARFT’s plan to take region by region and the overall shift of the transitional approach to digital television coverage of the translation. However, due to the special nature of rural land, the most difficult digital process. At this stage, our TV and some are exported to 400 million units, the user 378 million, of which 60% of the converted analog TV users to be located in rural areas, rural areas, limited spending power of consumers, involving a broad region, the urbanization process slow and so will increase our burden of the process of digital TV.

Second, the lack of digital TV’s revenue model is the overall process leading to yet another incentive. Currently, most of the “rotation model” area of cable digital TV main source of income yet the basic subscription, pay channels and the relative profitability of high value-added Service Lower proportion of project income, which makes radio and television operators to become more difficult to recover upfront costs. This has to be deepened to switch operators in the region’s wait and see attitude, thus affecting the overall conversion rate. Appliance expert Lu Renbo said: My television programs have been a welfare-style delivery, user fees rather low not high, notarization fee adjustment is very difficult, serious difficulties are the profits of digital TV operators. Furthermore, our cable television network rather scattered, SARFT is just around the network of industry leaders, the lack of unified management, and over radio and television system with greater autonomy, lack of unified and coordinated action, the power scattered, difficult to integrate network resources to speed up digital TV translation process. SABUNG AYAM